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  1. You would need to download a commercial build via the Support portal.
  2. Like I said, you don't have control in a browser.
  3. You destroyed the form, once destroyed you cannot use it again. You have to create a new instance.
  4. field.getComponent();

    You should test this on a device to make sure the platform will support it.
  5. You say "The button which is reponsible for rendering the form panel is not actually showing up the form in ios 8 after I try to destroy the form using the cancel button" so you are destroying the...
  6. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  7. Not every release of a platform is going to get a new theme for Sencha Touch. The themes can easily be used as a starting point, with SASS you can easily style your app the way you want. There are...
  8. So the issue is if you set the xtype config when adding a component. Is the class the xtype is bound to loaded?
  9. May I see your code?
  10. With what I was given, I am unsure what the class for the contact xtype is like. So you said button, I tested button.
  11. Have you seen the cupertino theme?
  12. I just ran this test and it works for me:

    xtype : 'tabpanel',
    tabBar : {
    docked : 'bottom'
    items : [
  13. Try some CSS like:

    .x-tabbar.x-docked-bottom {
    height : 48px;

    .x-tabbar.x-docked-bottom .x-button-icon.x-hidden {
    display : none;
  14. You're not accounting for the the animation. Here is an automated test that delays each step to allow for animation:


    You could also set the animation to false to disallow animation and then...
  15. What's the error? Can I see your implementation or even a test case I can run locally?
  16. Remove the top config on the toolbar and it will scroll as expected.
  17. I believe this was a platform rendering bug that was fixed. Try upgrading to Touch 2.4.1 to see if the issue persists.
  18. This may be a platform issue as you have said your code works fine on other platforms. Have you tried a vanilla HTML page with a file type input just as a debugging step?
  19. First thing I see is you are overnesting, label within the container, you should just set the html and styleHtmlContent on the container and skip the label nesting.
  20. Out of the box no, you'd have to extend the proxy to handle the encryption and decryption but this would inheritantly be insecure as I would still be able to decrypt data as a hacker. If you really...
  21. Layouts are CSS based so it will react to when the browser rotates and you will not have control.
  22. Replies
    You cannot see it? Two things couple be a cause, a size issues (I see you have height, maybe the platform isn't giving it a width) or the url is being blocked (you may have to whitelist it) if you...
  23. All I'm saying is it's currently not supported and as I said, there is a feature request open to support it.
  24. Sencha Touch 1 is no longer supported and therefore any bugs will go unfixed. It is recommended to upgrade to Sencha Touch 2.
  25. Changing the series is not supported. There is a feature request opened for this:
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