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  1. Super late on this, but if anybody has the same problem, the original answer here isn't correct. You can have models with spaces in the returned JSON, you just can't have spaces in the actual field...
  2. Eh, scratch that. Events work as expected in the browser, but (like so many things) the behavior is different on the device. Any other tips?
  3. Might have figured it out. In my iFrame, I added:

    If you set up a global function at the higher level, you can access that. So you can probably drill into the Ext component framework in a more...
  4. I've got a (very) basic animation in Sencha Animator, and I wanted to efficiently implement it in Sencha Touch as a snazzy button. I was able to get the animation into my project by dropping it into...
  5. We're seeing the same thing here. Is there any way to turn off that functionality?
  6. I've got this exact same problem - any resolution on this?
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    I actually think I might have solved this one. I narrowed the problem down to a HTML redirect I had in my app that was triggering on load. For some reason, that was the error that was reported. ...
  8. Wow! That sounds really familiar - our app is reasonably sized (~16K non-Sencha lines of code) with a huge number of images. We're seeing this behavior when we wrap our Sencha app in a UIWebView in...
  9. He means this:

    Your code's working as expected - you're getting the right output in the dom:

    <div class="home"></div>Title

    Now all you have to do is assign an icon to that class in your...
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    Some more information - the create jsb routines outlined in the 'Using and Creating Builds' section of the documentation is experiencing identical behavior. Here's the command line output:

  11. Unfortunately, as I outlined in I've been unable to make a build, so we've been running strictly in development mode.
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    Same problem. So weird.
  13. I had the same problem. I ended up creating prepareData methods in my list classes that looped through the data in the actual store using 'each' methods and creating a customized data object for the...
  14. This is before a build, and unfortunately only happens periodically. Obviously this would be non-ideal, but is there any way to jumpstart the launch method in such a case? What would be the best...
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    Ah! Nope - no errors there. Unless the error I got in the build script is tied to a runtime error? It doesn't seem like that's the case though.
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    I'm just using the command line tool - is there a java debug component that needs to be installed for this to work?
  17. We're seeing behavior in out application where it seems, 1 out of every 20 or so times, that the 'launch' method in app.js is never firing (and the application doesn't load). We've addressed it by...
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    I'm trying to run the sencha build command function and immediately am running into some problems. The first issue:

    Computer_name:public username$ sencha app build production...
  19. Bump - anybody?
  20. I'm working through getting a finalized build going for my Sencha app, and am running into some problems with the build process. My steps are as follows:

    sencha create jsb -a index.html -p...
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    Any more feedback on this? A simple example would be really useful as the documentation is a little vague. Thanks!
  22. The previous methods listed mixed display elements with data tracking, and didn't work when the list refreshed. My solution is as follows:

    * @class sandbox.view.ListPage
    * @extends...
  23. This question seems to have been going around the forum for a while now (e.g. - -, so I thought I'd bring it back up and see if anybody...
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