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  1. Of course it's a possible solution, to find next node after a selected his node and insert a node before. If there is no next node just use appendChild.
    I've thought about it. But it seems for me a...
  2. If you are right, please tell how I suppose to insert a node in such situation
    - node1
    - node2
    - node3
    - node4
    - node5

    node2 is selected. So if i use insertBefore, a tree will be a below:
  3. I need to insert a new node into my treepanel.

    Here is what I have done:

    var newNode = new Ext.tree.TreeNode({id: 100, leaf: false, text: "just added"});...
  4. Hello to everyone.
    Currently I'm doing a simple extjs tree whose nodes and leafs one can reorder. The problem is that you can't actually insert new elements in a leaf. One possible solution is to...
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    thank you very much.
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    thank you for help.
    It helps, but just curious how can I get some other parameters via JSON?
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    I have a simple TreePanel.
    var menu = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    id: menu,
    autoScroll: true,
    animate: true,
    enableDD: false,
    border: false,
    containerScroll: true,
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    Is it possible to somehow use GreaseMonkey and ExtJs.
    If anyone has a solution, plz give an example of a simple ext alert window, rendered with GM

    Thanks in advance
  9. I have a formpanel where depend of user action i need to change inputtype from password to text.
    Can someone help me, how i can do this???
  10. Of course I can use a window, but I'm just looking if there is any other solution. If there is not or they are too sophisticated, then I'll use window
  11. Are there any ways to do
    look like a password input?

    Because I need the input string look like ●●●●●.
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    Can anyone give me a link where I can download ipad simulator??
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    The problem is:
    I have a gridpanel and a set of links outside the panel. Clicking on the link data in the gridpanel must be updated with new data.

    var store = new{
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