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    sorry for long waiting, but my country is in war. So i hide.the situation is very hard,missing of water,food and money . so this is the news:
    ext.drawing is abandoned because there are a better...
  2. go to and for news
  3. Hello. sorry for my english. the project is not dead. I have many activity. one problem is the architecture is not finish. when i develop ,i can rebuild the architecture(it not stable). another...
  4. hello, sorry for my english. I was absent for many time,but i back.I was in a project. In my contry, coding does'nt nourrish your coder so when i have a project (even if it is few), your stop your...
  5. I develop ext.Report which build a document from store and ext.pdf which create a pdf content . I'll finish at the begining of the next month.for instant ,see the production of the pdf18896
  6. Hello there are a new version of Ext.Drawing. This is a important version because the librairy use a object programation.there are also add a ext component.I' ll post it when i fix the problems with...
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    hello all. again sorry for my english.Many times are passed since my xtension. It while I'm busy now. But I want to do some propositions. It's a big projet to do extjs complete.There can contain:
  8. Sorry if I was absent. I'm working on some project on my entreprise.
    Actually ,for ext.drawing ,I' want to develop...
  9. great jobs. I think a system of desktop based on qwikioffice destop but with dynamic js,css or component loaders;fonction include(async) or require(sync):-?.I want to know your opinions;)
  10. [quote=nteller;252536]Hi nouveauc,

    This is great ! Tr
  11. and another chart(line chart):D
    here the code:
    here the screenshot
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    I'm developping a drawing and chart library for dirty but the base is there.for the chart i code bar chart. you must give the store ,the valuefield and label field.
  13. thanks,i work on line and pie chart actually.
    i want also add interraction and animation. For example click on element (bar,pie or point) fire the event(it's possible for drawing shape.)
  14. I try to start the charting with my dirty drawing code.The code also dirty and very very very incomplete.I also add some code on drawing;i add text.
    rectangle ie(yes) ff(yes)
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    i start developing some extjs drawing graphics
    it's here
  16. I fix the IE bug.
    you can create rectangle,ellipse,circle and fill with color and gradient(radial and linear).I also add stroke(pen or border).
    furtue works:
    fix different orientation of gradient...
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    I'm also do a code with a "Ext.Element".It's not finish but the beta work with svg and i work with a vml side.
    See here
  18. Hi all.I'm beginner and speak french.So sorry for my code and the fault. I'm working presently on graphic on the good Extjs.I begin by writing a extension for svg.feature:can create rectangle,...
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    This is my first post, i am beginner and francophon,so sorry for my bad english. I update the code on the itemsForm on the save button. you can configure the display text.
    replace this (line 8)

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