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  1. I'm surprised I wasn't able to find anything on this, so maybe I'm not looking for it the right way. All of the data binding examples I've seen use "flat" data. I'm trying to understand if ExtJS 5...
  2. Can anyone comment on this proposed "fix" for what appears to be a bug in Chromium? Note that the topic is about ExtJS 2.x, but I've confirmed that the same issue is exists in 3.4 (not sure about...
  3. Can anyone provide some more detail on the "fix" for this issue? I've tried modifying the SSL_SECURE_URL in various ways, but the Chrome issue remains. Based on tracing my application, it appears...
  4. Yes, there are 2 copies of ext-base.js and 2 copies of ext-base-debug.js (in /adapter/ext, for example), but the same trend repeats throughout the file (close to 500 duplicate files in total). Note...
  5. There are 100s of duplicate files in the file I just downloaded (i.e. in /adapter/ext, there are two copies of ext-base.js and ext-base-debug.js); the files are different and this...
  6. We are looking for an expert ExtJS (3 & 4) developer to work on a series of projects on a contract/freelance basis. Location is not important, but being fluent in English is. These projects involve...
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    Yes, I agree (if all you need is a rectangle, it would seem overly difficult to have to define it as a set of 4 vertexes). So a hotspot is either defined with top/bottom/left/right properties or a...
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    Pretty slick! Unfortunately, I do need the "random image shapes" (my specific application is actually to select geographic areas on a map of countries.
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    Hi Nigel,

    No, it's still something I'm interested in (it's "on the very long list"), but other than some initial research into what options are out there, I didn't start any development.
  10. Superboxselect for Ext 3.3.x is available here:

    Ext 4.0 support is planned (no release date yet, but it is a...
  11. No. I wasn't really focused on fixing it, just making it known that there was a bug in the example. Also, I would say that even if it could be fixed externally, that functionality should be internal...
  12. Using the 50,000 row example grid, scroll down a little ways and change the sort direction of the LastPost column. The grid refreshes and "resets" to the first row, but the thumb position does not...
  13. Is there a simple cross-browser way to "unselect" text in a text field (essentially the opposite of selectText)?
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    Is there a simple way to fix a textfield (in a toolbar, specifically the fbar on a window) to the width of the toolbar? What I'm trying to do is put a text field in the window's bottom "frame margin"...
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    Count me in!
  16. I'm sure there must be a trivial solution to this, but I couldn't find any mention of it in the forums and the first couple of things I tried were less than functional (various alignment problems,...
  17. Just out of curiousity, could the HtmlEditor not be done by setting contentEditable on a div, rather than using an iframe?
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    @Jamie: It would be really useful to see an "expansion" of your comments. Something like a quick overview with some examples of what to do and what to avoid to minimize leaks in Ext code.
  19. Yeah. I thought of that, but this particular case is a bit convoluted.
  20. Right. I'm not trying to temporarily hide the new child, just making sure I didn't have a race condition. I need to add the new component to the container and then set some properties on it before it...
  21. Can I always rely on this observation? That when a new component is added to an existing container (i.e. adding a tab to a tabpanel), that the new component won't be rendered until I call doLayout()...
  22. In FF and IE, this works fine, but in Chrome and Safari, the text is quickly selected, then deselcted, although the field appears to retain focus. Bug in selectText?

    listeners : {
  23. OK, so the focus(true, 500) or even focus(true, 300) does work, but why? This seems to only be necessary when the target focus field has been recently created (i.e. a field on a new window, while the...
  24. @Doug (or anyone who's familiar with basex): Is there an example of how to use the request and beforesend events? I tried adding listeners to Ext.Ajax, but got no events.

    Never mind, I figured it...
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