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  1. Ext JS 5 certainly covers a wider variety of browsers - and considering Ext JS 5 supports tablets, your need for "desktop and mobile" would be mostly solved.

    However, Ext JS 5 isn't really...
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    Aha, if your app loads in an Iframe we don't currently support that.
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    @despreston - Questions:
    - Do you get any errors? (Check your console too)
    - If by latest version of Chrome, do you mean 36.0.1985.125?
    - Does the extension load at all? Or is it just a...
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    Sencha put a hold on our certification program for a number of reasons, but as noted we'll be revisiting that decision soon.

    The shortest and simplest answer is that not enough developers in our...
  5. Let's back up and explain what you're trying to do here.

    Controllers are essentially classes that execute logic *in response to events*. That's an over-generalization, but for the most part my...
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    Feedburner may do an auto-redirect or something, I don't exactly know how it or Feedly works so I've asked our Website team to investigate.
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    I'll look into it... honestly I'm not sure what power our CMS gives us over the RSS output, but I'll turn a few knobs to see if it helps.

    For reference what's the RSS feed you're using? I pulled...
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    Is your complaint mainly about the HTML-encoded special characters? Or is there something I'm missing?
  9. +1 for the documentation updates. I've already submitted a ticket for that ;-)
  10. Chad,

    Doing a bit more digging and testing, it appears you can use the "MS" format:!/api/Ext.Date

    name :...
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    Well, let's take your questions in the wrong order:

    Nothing. The "store.getGroup('Description') method doesn't actually exist in Ext JS 4.2, so it will throw an error.

    Yes, you can...
  12. Chad,

    I've opened a ticket to investigate. Hopefully I'll be able to get something to you soon.
  13. I'm logging a ticket to explore this, though I offer no timeline on if/when it will get incorporated into the package.

    After doing a bit of digging, I think the problem lies with the "type" of the...
  14. That should be going public tomorrow. I'll update the blog post when it's ready.
  15. They are documented, just not well :-)

    Check out the Ext JS docs on the same class:!/api/Ext.Date

    ...the codes are all the same in Touch.

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    v2.0.4 is hot off the press!
  17. Also, this was published today:
  18. After speaking with our dev team, here's the best answer I can share. Using ViewControllers in MVVM isn't really MVVM... it's more of a hybrid of MVC+VM.

    Hopefully that answers your question....
  19. I don't believe this is a bug in the Azure package.

    First and foremost, the string "date" doesn't occur anywhere in the Azure source code (except in the /storage/ classes, which you aren't using...
  20. I have logged bug DSGNR-5713 to address the issue. We can update this thread with more details when we get into a bit more. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get a patch in either Architect or...
  21. I have logged bug DSGNR-5713 to address the issue. We can update this thread with more details when we get into a bit more. Sorry for the delay.
  22. I just tried opening Architect 3.0.4, using a blank Touch 2.3.x app.

    I added a basic List to my canvas... and I see it. Save my project.

    I then add the Azure controller... and yes, I notice the...
  23. Roman - apologies on the delay here.

    The person who was formerly in charge of Sencha Market left the company, and unfortunately our process for approving extensions like yours fell apart. I am...
  24. For anyone in the upper-midwest, we just started a new meetup group in Milwaukee!
  25. For posterity, this article was published recently:

    @kpiland had a few comments (as "Kent") to the article which relate to these...
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