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  1. The index.php file in the template directory does the right thing. It does not, however, get copied to the output directory when running JSDuck, so copy it over manually.
  2. One of the advantages of the Ext 4.0 documentation tool (JSDuck) is that it generates documentation that is crawlable/indexable by Google. I'm working on generating the documentation for my project...
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    I've managed to make some progress on this, so I'll reply for posterity. I've managed to get past this by:

    1. Checking out the 3.0.pre2 tag (was using HEAD).
    2. Downgrading to Ruby 1.8.7 (from...
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    I'm trying to build a custom jsduck gem to support translated documentation, but the first step is to get JSDuck building/working from source. I keep running into this error:

  5. The TabPanel examples draw differently in Firefox (3.0.15) depending on whether the hostname in the URL is "localhost" or another hostname. On "localhost", the right border of the tab panels is...
  6. Well, I've gotten further, but I remain perplexed on the original question, which has bitten me in other ways (as I originally expected). The question is, when do the DOM elements for a panel appear...
  7. I agree, using private parameters is not advisable. I managed to solve this issue by using applyTo for both the BoxComponent and the ImagePanel. I guess I was mislead by the example code I started...
  8. Thanks Jay,

    Seems to basically work now with a few tweaks. Now we'll see if I can expand it to be the entire widget I'm looking to build. Not to hijack my own thread, but on the layout issue I...
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that and while it does seem to put that HTML in the body of the panel, it's still not clear to me when and how I can manipulate the contents of the layout regions....
  10. I'm trying to extend Ext.Panel, so I can specify the layout and (dynamically) the contents of the various layout regions. I have not figured out how or when the regions actually appear in the DOM so...
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    Brian, if you're still following this thread, perhaps you can clarify your last comment, "I checked in a fix for this."

    Presuming you mean you checked in a fix to Ext, not Firefox, does this...
  12. When performing an asynchronous update on a div, I found that the timeout that is used seems to always be the default. Granted, this I am using 1.1, so this may be fixed in 2.0. However, I found a...
  13. I want to use MessageBox to notify users if and when the server becomes unavailable (can happen if the application administrator takes it out of service). The problem is that when the server is...
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