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  1. Basically I have the start and limit set correctly.

    Basically my concern is that the amount of data I have in my grid goes up to 10000 records, and thus I set up a limit of 100 records a page for...
  2. another quick question, does calling the isValid() check all the children objects? like

    items: [pan1, pan2, pan3],
    buttons: [{text: 'submit', handler: function(){...
  3. I've learned how to do the basics of vtypes, creating a plugin, then linking it to a textfield.

    My question is how to determine if a vtype is valid for a textfield(a panel of them) with a button...
  4. Basically I have 15 items in my database that I am using this grid for pagination on. I created my paging toolbar and gridpanel, with a pagelimit of 2 items. So each page would have 2 items on it. ...
  5. So basically I am making a generic form. I am just trying to load something from the web server and then put it into a store and then put that jsonstore into the combobox. Using firebug, I see that...
  6. using ext 3.1.1 and IE 7

    Basically I have a grid inside a viewport using a border layout, and I have a paging toolbar in the bbar of the grid


    If you see the image, the textfield is a...
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    im getting

    window.hostMIF.ownerCt.close is not a function in firebug
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    Is it possible to close a mif window from the aspx page I load? Like if I open a window with a mifPanel, can I close it with a button on the aspx page? Right now I get a reference error that I...
  9. okay so Im guessing I need to override an event in the ext-all.js script

    Not sure what I need to override though
  10. I am trying to bind my alt-U key to double as the up arrow key, and alt-d key for the down arrow key. Whenever I use the selectNext() function for comboboxes, it seems like it is ignored and...
  11. Thanks that disabled tab for me
  12. well comboboxes don't seem to allow for keymaps looking at the API. I've also tried this, but it throws a this.el is null error message

    so that is why I turned to the keypress listener and use...
  13. bleh, the console line is for logging purposes, doesn't mean anything with regards to focus.

    I am trying to prevent focus from leaving the combobox no matter what asides from the mouse, so yes no...
  14. I am trying to get it so that for my combobox if the user uses a keyboard, the user can only get out of the combobox if 'tab' is pressed'. combobox doesn't have a keymap config section, so I'm using...
  15. so basically I rewired my grid to use 'u' to replace my up arrow by adding keys to the appropriate grid panel.

    In the tbar, I placed an Ext.ux.form.SearchField object for searching within the...
  16. JAWS for the blind :P
  17. Is there a way that I can change the Up and down arrows to 'U' and 'D'. I thought of putting a keymap in the gridpanel to handle U and D, then use the Row Selection module and monitor the location...
  18. one topic ftw...

    are you sure you want to use accordion layout? and not just collapsible panels?

    anyways panels can have 'collapsible: true', 'collapsed: true' inline
  19. well that is easy, the issue is that I need it to change the visibility of the text field that is instantiated after the if I do a show there, I'm guessing I will hit an error from not...
  20. I am extending a form panel to contain multiple collapsible panels to make things look nice when that form is generated in multiple tab panels.

    Anyways I am having trouble with one of my panels. ...
  21. Is there something that can be done to make AsyncTreeNodes in TreePanels look highlighted when using tab navigation. For instance tabs in tab panel or grid cells will be surrounded with a little...
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    I am trying to change the font of the labels in my radio group. I've tried two methods that I thought might work, but no luck with either

    (in my CSS file)
    .radioCheckFont item
  23. now I'm a little confused.

    as for the nesting, mmmm yeah guess i didn't realize it

    I put the "grids" in a new container object to help differentiate code and make it easier for me to read....
  24. okay heres what I have now, the grids are sitting on one another

    var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({

    store: store,
    region: 'center',
    columns:, //column info in grid not shown
  25. agh misworded myself...

    its A view port, with a tabs in the center, and one of the tabs have two grids in them...

    ill see if I can figure something out with using container and border...
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