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  1. can somebody confirm that this is bug?
  2. also it seems that checkonly also doesnt work
  3. Is there a bug or is it feature that if i navigate in grid by key so the selected rows are unselecting and vice versa?

    i undestand if you press shift and use arrows that it is ok, but in other...
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    hm for example my thread, i use store/grid only to edit part of json structure
  5. sorry pls delete this thread, just emptying cache in firefox helped, i dont know the reason why, i tried it 2 hours before with this settings and it doesnt work, now it works
  6. {
    xtype: 'textareafield',
    labelAlign: 'top',
    afterLabelTpl: '<div class="fieldDescription">* Součást textu fakturační adresy. Určeno pro...
  7. yes i understand it is not problem, i just ask how to do it, at this moment i made workaround which search id fields and remove them,

    just asking how would you update this json structure as i need...
  8. i understand, yes so not bug, the problem is that i am updating the sturcture like this

    viewModel: {
    data: {
    record: {
    company: {
    name: "Example s.r.o",...
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    another problem of getting data from store?
  10. doesnt matter why i am doing this (i rebuilding a big json structure which is edited by grids, forms etc.)


    var store ='settings.system.vat');
    var jsonArr...
  11. i know that put proxy direct to the class works, but i am afraid about memory leaks and shared reference?
  12. constructor: function() {
    this.reader = {
    type: 'json',
    rootProperty: 'data',
    successProperty: 'success',
    totalProperty: 'totalCount'
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    somebody lucky with ext JS 5 working with this plugin? or any other plugin ported for extjs 5?
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