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  1. For Ext5, You could use the tabBar config:

    Ext.create('Ext.container.Viewport', {
    layout: 'fit',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'tabpanel',
    tabBar: {
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    The syntax has changed from Ext4/Ext5 a bit. Here is a old php example from a while back that should help.

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    Did you adjust your pageSize config to 10 as well?

    Here is a quick fiddle:

    This is for Ext5, and the data is static but it will show how it should work...
  4. See if the following example helps:

    If not please create a fiddle that demonstrates your problem.
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    >>> In this case I am returning all the records in the json format.

    You should only return the records you want to display on the page, not the entire set.

    {start: 0, limit: 10} sends this to...
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    You can run from a local web server, apache, etc.
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    So you have grid.FilterFeature in your requires? Perhaps some code we can look at.
  8. Have a look at build section:
  9. Something like this?

    // myform.json

    success: true,
    data: [{
    xtype: "textfield",
    fieldLabel: "Field 1",
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    In your view:

    // toolbar
    text: 'Reset',
    handler : 'resetForm'

    In your ViewController:
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    Did you create a custom theme? Did you copy the images from the base theme over to your new one?

    If you inspect the element in dev tools, what is the location of the image it is trying to load?
  12. Do you mean like in a schema designer? Something like this?
  13. We should have a grid/grid DnD example. On the drop, add an ajax to send data to server.
  14. >>> Added Support for ExtJS 5.0.x.

    It seems she added support for Ext5, have you tried on 5.1?

    Perhaps you could contact Loiane for an update if not.

    We do not have anything native. I...
  15. Please post an example of this happening. You can run your code in our fiddle:
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    Something like this?
  17. Search for 'summary' at the top of our plugins forum for 3rd party options:

    There is also a pivotGrid option if you...
  18. I am not aware of anything special that has been developed. You may have better luck searching online for information from others.

    Are you facing any immediate problems?
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    You would need to be more specific. The links that you posted were for your local server. ( not accessible online )

    Here is a basic html

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type"...
  20. Moved thread. Extensions and Plugins is for announcements.
  21. I was going to talk with the lead dev. It seems he is on vacation. Let me see what I can dig up.
  22. I see. I will need to get with our charts dev and see if there is a config, as the gap is what is requested most, where you want the connecting line.

    Usually you can use one of these to alter...
  23. I would need to find/work up an example. I misunderstood, I thought you where looking for a custom shape.
  24. You would need to look at using a buffered store or bufferedrenderer plugin on the grid with your data.

    500K worth of items at once is just not reasonable.

  25. You could use multiple scatter series for same store, each series having their own shape.
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