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    I have experienced the same issue in 3.0.1. As per another thread (system won't let me post the link to the thread), it has been fixed in:

    EXTGWT-2107 in 3.0.3.
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    I have been trying to get the QuickTips to work on a Grid, which has grouping enabled, but running into some problems. The code is pasted at the end of the message.

    1. I don't want any tooltips on...
  3. I noticed that in IE 8, when I place a TextButton inside a Content Panel, it has unwanted top margin. It works fine in Chrome and FF though. I'm posted a standalone test case and screenshot below....
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    A similar issue has been posted here before:

    I noticed the problem in Chrome though (I didn't test on...
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    Thanks for your response.

    This happens quite frequently on Chrome, but intermittently. I had version 23x at that time. I observed similar issue when I recreated that example grid (with toolbar)...
  6. Let me explain the requirements with an example. That should make it clear.

    To give you some background, my application is written in SmartGWT and already in production. However, SmartGWT...
  7. It seems GroupingStore has been removed from 3x. So, how can we achieve sorting on columns other than the one it's grouped by?
  8. I'm looking at the Grouping Grid sample. By default the grid is sorted by group names. However, I have a use case where the sorting should be by the content of the rows, not by the group names.

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    While looking at the GXT Demos, I noticed that on Basic Grid, if I resize the grid and refresh the browser, the grid breaks, as shown in the screenshot below. If I resize the grid again (manually),...
  10. It's 2013 and I still don't see any manual. Is it available now?
  11. I just started evaluating GXT today and set up my HelloGXT project. I noticed that setOnEsc was not working on dialogs. I did a Google search and landed on this page.

    I'm really disappointed to...
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