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  1. Try from the command line to execute "sencha" and see if it displays an error.

    If you get "Error: \SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-Beta\bin\ was unexpected at this time." then you're likely encountering this...
  2. Ok, thanks for the recommendation and advice. I shall do further investigation :)
  3. Oh, ok.

    What is the recommended approach for triggering communication between two controllers? My initial assumption was this would be best done by firing an Application Actions... (based on this...
  4. Hello,

    I am having some trouble understanding why/how to use Controller Reference getters within my Application Action code (all defined on the same Controller).

    Looking at the Code View for...
  5. Excellent, thanks.
  6. Hello,

    Will the feature of Generating Builds be included in Sencha Designer (version 2 or later) ?

    To me, it seems like a natural progression of your Suite.
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    The trick is to set the animation before calling the setActiveItem(... )

    Here is some sample code:

    type: 'slide',
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    That is excellent to hear.

    Thank you!

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    Is it possible for 2+ developers to be working on the same Sencha Designer project in parallel?

    It is not clear to me whether having a single *.xds file can be merged back together...
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