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    I see the new Charts of Ext3 using the YUI flash, and think it's a urgly way to create Charts using flash. Why don't Ext3
    team write a full Charts function with js other than using flash?
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    Very good.
    Hi, Jack, your job has been making the JS application as good as the Windows client.
    When will the ext2.0 be released? After that, I believe there will be many applications
    to appear...
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    hi, jack
    I'm so glad you will add cool menubar to your yui-ext lib. When will the new version be published?
    I hope that you will keep yui-ext small, smart and cool. If the js libs are beyond # MB,...
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    Good job. When I first wrote the menu basing on YUI-EXT, because the YUI' menu
    is too complex and difficult to use and there was no menu class in YUI-EXT, I had
    to complete it. I saw the ToolBar...
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    Hi, I've just updated the menu class: fix some bugs, add some functions.
  6. Hi, I'm sorry about it. It's my fault. When I posted the codes I don't set
    'Disable HTML in this post', so my codes were changed. Now it should be
  7. I changed my code shown below, but still don't remove the listener:

    YAHOO.ext.util.menuMon.prototype = {
    onDocumentClick : function(e) {
    if (! {
    if (
  8. Jack, in my 'YAHOO.ext.util.menuMon' class, I use YAHOO.ext.Element.prototype.mon()
    to monitor the document's click event. But I don't want to invoke the class evey time
    when document's click...
  9. demo_en.js:

    function openFn(e, oItem) {
    alert('text=' + oItem['text'] + '; id=' + oItem['id']);
    function newFn(e, oItem) {
    alert('text=' + oItem['text'] + '; id=' + oItem['id']);...
  10. demo.html:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />...
  11. hi, I've just completed a js menu class base on yui-ext and yui. Because the YAHOO's menu class
    is too large and complex, my menu don't rely on it and just a js class especialy bases on yui-ext....
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