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  1. I have a series of forms that are used to search grids on our site. There is a base class for the search form that the various versions of the form extend. The base class has a method for loading the...
  2. I'd heard there was a Firefox bug that effected Firebug 2. Hadn't realized it was causing this issue as well. But you're right. When I turn off Firebug the code is behaving normally. Thanks.
  3. Has anyone noticed a change in the behavior of objects in the latest version of Firefox -- 30? It seems like especially with windows, that the objects are now being rendered long before the window...
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    Hmm I tried this agan and it worked. I changed the zseed from 9500 to 10000. Does it need to be a multiple of 1000 to work properly?
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    It's more along the lines of:

    var wg = new Ext.WindowGroup();
    wg.zseed = 9500;

    Is that legit? It's just I tried that on Ext.WindowMgr and it seemed to have no effect on z-index of the...
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    How exactly do you set the zseed in a WindowGroup object? It's not a config option; it's just a property.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion! That hadn't occurred to me. I'm giving it a try and it seems to be working. Much simple than my solution.
  8. To briefly explain our setup, we are using a tab panel as the primary container for our UI. Each panel added to the tab panel is assigned a WindowGroup object and any window created by that panel...
  9. I am trying to display a textarea in the subrow of a grid using the Ext.ux.grid.Expander object. The issue is the behavior of the textarea, If I just load the textarea into a panel in the subrow,...
  10. Yes I can get the color from the record and I can apply it to the template display. The issue is that only affects part of the group header row. I'd like to get the color applied to the whole row,...
  11. I have a grid using a grouping view. The default grouping is on a value called type_display_name. There is also a value called type_color which is a hex color string. I'd like to make the type_color...
  12. I'm trying to use a convert function and it isn't working for some reason. The code looks like this:

    {name:'provider_display_name',convert: function(v,record){
  13. So I realized recently that the method was just making a shallow copy of the records in the store. The data object is a MixedCollection, so I set up a new method in the...
  14. Does anyone know of a good way to deal with the checkbox and radio label cutting off the bottom of letters that have "tails" below the line of the text (g,j,p,q, and y)?
  15. Thanks for the tip. I didn't see anything in the API docs that seemed like it would give me the window's state, but I found this post:
  16. This is an interface where the user is watching a video. At a certain point while the video plays, an Ext window is opened by my javascript code to display some HTML content. Then at a later point in...
  17. I've got a script that is creating a window and then destroying it after certain period of time. What I noticed is that if I've grabbed the window with my mouse to move it and am holding on to it...
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    Nevermind, I discovered we had some overrides in place for the radiogroup object and it was there that the problem was occurring. Still, it's strange that this radiogroup had a problem with the...
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    I have a form that includes a number of fields in various subpanels, It's been in use for awhile and always worked fine. Today I was working on an update where I was adding two new radiogroups to the...
  20. Thanks for the help! I had to make a slight adjustment to your code to get it to work in my situation:

    elementStateInScrolling: function (el,ctr){
    var containerTop, containerBottom,...
  21. Here is a method we set up that solves my problem:

    Ext.override(, {
    clone : function(newConfig) {
    newConfig = Ext.apply({
    reader : this.reader,
  22. Is there a way to determine that an element is below or above the display of a scrolled container, in other words out of sight?
  23. So based on another post here I've created some code to copy an existing json store's data into a new store. What I want is to be able, if needed, to update the new store's baseparams and then pull...
  24. Basically our code would look like this:

    xtype: 'panel',
    layout: 'column',
    items: [{
    columnWidth: 0.5,
    html: 'row 1 cell 1'
  25. I'm working on a project where we have some panel objects that use a column layout where the total columnWidth values of all the items will total 2 or 3 and the object will display the items as...
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