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    How do you want it to be sent? As JSON? As a url-encoded form? Do you have a custom format you want to use?

    Also what is the PagingLoadUrlEncoder class? That doesn't appear to be part of GXT. We...
  2. Yes, that is the best tool for the job.
  3. This issue should be resolved in nightly builds and SVN - can you confirm?
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    The latest nightly builds and SVN now contain changes to the grid editing apis to allow IsField instances instead of just Field, so that any class which implements that interface can be used. I'd...
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    Support portal gets builds on a nightly basis - there should be a nightly there for just about every day, at least when merges come through.

    Our focus is on completeness rather than on a specific...
  6. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

    Note that instead of overriding the private fields, you could also use jsni to access them.
  7. Sorry jjoe64, any bug report that doesnt follow the format or at least have a test sample for us to start with gets knocked down in priority over the ones that do or the ones we already have a lead...
  8. The cursor is set on the PathSprite that the PieSeries generates. Set a SeriesRenderer on the PieSeries, and it will give you the PathSprite instance it draws for each item, and allow you to...
  9. It didn't work because the drawComponent wasn't attached to the dom, so the text couldnt be rendered. *After* it is rendered, you can ask details about text sizes, etc.

    A 2d cylinder is probably...
  10. Without an example that works in JS, its hard to make a suggestion on what you should try. The code listed in your last post doesn'y make sense, since you have an <object> tag with id...
  11. After the TextSprite is rendered, you can ask it for its size via text.getBBox(). You can ask *any* sprite for its bounding box that way, it will give you the x/y coords of the sprite, as well as its...
  12. AreaSeries<CumulativePointsTO> series = new AreaSeries<CumulativePointsTO>();
    series.addColor(6,new RGB(148, 174, 10));
    series.addColor(5,new RGB(17, 95, 166));
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    Thanks - that details was added finally in one of the many threads on this issue, and I think we have resolved it in the nightly builds - compare the beta at...
  14. This doesn't look like the same issue at a glance, but I'd need more information. Can you post a complete test case?
  15. Your example js code and your gwt/jsni are not doing the same thing - do you mean for them to? Are these two code snippets related at all? The JS code creates a new player as a blank object, while...
  16. Other things to check for: make sure you dont have gwt-incubator in your project. This has an ancient version of ClientBundle which doesnt always work correctly, and just by having that jar on the...
  17. There is no setter and never has been for appearances, on any widget, since that would rebuild the widget and require details already complete in the constructor to be run again. The accordion...
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    There are a few docs in the gxt 3.1-beta download, and more can be found at
  19. Good catch - we noticed this the other day and are trying to bring it up to date, and it looks like as of yesterday sometime the latest revision is 3047 - can you verify? The fix is not yet in either...
  20. Okay, I've nailed this down. I'm moving this to be a bug, filing it internally, and will update it when we have a fixed merged into the nightly builds.

    Thanks again for your work in reporting this.
  21. Okay, thanks, that actually makes sense - I changed how SVG.applyZIndex works, since it has actually be subtly broken since 3.0.0. This new code is likely slower, but I'll rebuild with the nightly to...
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    As a very general rule, you can use JSNI to communicate with other JS in your application, see for details.

    We cannot support...
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    If you plan on using that everywhere, I'd go a step further and factor it out into an appearance (subclass the one you are using and wire it up with a replace-with to always use it). Or if using it...
  24. Just ran this in FF, and it is so much slower than Chrome that I only got to 4 clicks of the button, and that was in GXT 3.0.1. Firefox's built in tools are not as comprehensive as Chrome, but they...
  25. 3.1 beta: In prod mode it seems acceptably fast until the legend goes nuts - in dev mode you can't trust any performance numbers, so I ignore that as a rule. With the legend going nuts and too tall...
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