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  1. I have a Panel with 'Card' layout, there are 3 items in it and i want it to show any one item at a particular moment, in general it should show the first item, but I am facing a weird problem -...
  2. Hi
    I am trying to setup a live test case, but i think i got the problem, the problem is not due to the onDisable call, but there's statement dom.disabled=true which creates a div with class...
  3. Hi Scott,
    A fieldset kind of thing is created extending the panel where a checkbox is placed in the legend, and on clicking the checkbox, contents inside the fieldset is disabled like this -...
  4. Hi I am using ExtJS (version 3.2 which cant be changed), I have an EditorGridPanel inside a Panel (panel has several other elements also), there's one checkbox to enable/diable the Panel, now the...
  5. I am a newbie to ExtJS, I have a Checkbox in 'fbar' of a 'fit' layout panel, fbar has one checkbox (with long text as boxLabel) 3 buttons in a single line, my problem is the checkbox boxlabel test is...
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