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  1. I think the callback should still be triggered, but as a failure. The same happens for Ext.Ajax.request.
  2. The docs say:

    With this example:

    Ext.define('MyApp.UserController', {
    alias: 'controller.user'
  3. Not sure what you mean by doesn't work, you can see it logging the value: kbj
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    This isn't a bug. The check column renderer also allows itself to be overridden, sometimes users want to modify it as well. In this case you're overriding the default and causing the issue.
  5. Thanks for the post, this issue is already resolved in the latest nightly.
  6. The grid is scrollable by default, so it's not the grid scrolling at all but the container. Why do it that way?
  7. No, however you're trying to create a component (somehow) with an id of "3". That is the problem. Without any other context I can't say why. Find out what it's trying to create and then you'll be...
  8. You need to specify a dateFormat on your field. I'd suggest using 'c'.
  9. I can't reproduce this using your fiddle, see:
  10. Please post a test case, there's not really enough information to go on here. It also looks like the error is being raised by code you have in an override: "pagemapoverride.js"?
  11. Is Ext reporting that your device supports Touch?
  12. Pretty much exactly what it says, ids need to follow "js naming" style rules, so "3" is not a valid component id (starts with a number).

    Would suggest you figure out what is causing it to create...
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    Seems to be ok:
  14. Like so:

    Ext.onReady(function() {

    Ext.define('FooController', {
    extend: '',
    alias: '',
  15. Don't use the grow config. It's not applicable in a row editor because there's a fixed amount of space (the column width) available for the editor.
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    Currently the plugin doesn't support any dynamic features like that.
  17. That's not correct. Even though the raw server data may not have changed, Ext doesn't attempt to track that. The records are now different, so the data has changed.

    Ext.log("Load store");
  18. 1) The documentation isn't really incorrect, however it could use some fleshing out to describe that datachanged is more wide ranging than an add/remove event.

    2) The totalCount is only updated on...
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    I also can't reproduce this. What TZ is your machine in? Was there recently a DST switchover in that TZ?
  20. The datachanged event is fired a lot, for any change in the store. In this case, the order is:

    a) The initial add to the store
    b) The response from the "server" (the proxy) that the write was...
  21. It's currently not supported to nest grids like that, you might want to look at the subtable plugin.
  22. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  23. These are added on by the grid/component themselves:

    // From Component
    // From panel.Table
    me.addStateEvents(['columnresize', 'columnmove', 'columnhide',...
  24. In 5.1.0 selection & navigation were decoupled. You need to use the navigationModel to set the position.

    itemkeydown: function(self, rec, item, index, e) {
    var lastindex =...
  25. Did you try the override in that fiddle? It resolves the issue.
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