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  1. :)
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    Ext.ux.tree.RemoteTree remove items from ContextMenu


    for my app I need deny some operations from ContextMenu on Ext.ux.tree.RemoteTree.
    I don't modify the extension because all...
  3. Hello,
    I try to set some icon class on Store menu json as is:

    "text": "normal menu line",
    "iconcls": "exclamation",
    "handler": "function(item)...
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    It work perfectly, thank's.
  5. Hi,

    I have appended a complex json to my template, it works if I use simply fields (es. title, tracknum, etc)
    it no work with others objects fields (es. scores.fueleconomy.score)

  6. Hello,
    a simple question please.

    How-to use combobox on Saki's recordform plugin for display a text and submit to server the ID corresponding?
    When the grid is loaded the combo show the numeric...
  7. Any help, please ?

    Thanks you, bye

  8. Hi all,
    I have a form with two section : specificForm and commonForm.
    The commonForm section is same on all case, specificForm can be various form changing the input value. I'm using card layout...
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    use baseParams attribute on URL submit.
    baseParams : {
    action : 'GetComboAssignedDevices'
    It add extra param "action" during...
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    Hi Marco,

    I'm playing with your TreePanel filter plugin, it work but I need to search a text into all children nodes, include relative parents.

    I see your StartWithTreeFilter code, but I don't...
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    Hi all,
    I would use the grouping store for group my records.
    It's possible use the magical BufferedDataStore togheter GroupingStore?
    If yes, how to use ?

    Thank you for your precious effort.
  12. Hi,
    I would make a simple grid with a detail panel on bottom (see below), using your Ext.ux.GridRowChecker plugin.
    I tried this code, loading a store with httpproxy from a server.
    The code not...
  13. Hi all,
    i'm very happy with Extjs, It's a short time I use it but I'm enthusiastic with all the features it provides.
    The web app I'm working at now it's a .NET 2.0 with ExtJs for the web form UI....
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