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  1. Confirmed. Fixed with
  2. Thanks, Mitchell. I'll try that.
  3. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0 rev 0

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome latest
  4. ExtJS 5 to be clear.
    Did not have this issue in ExtJS 4.

    I'm seeing the exact same thing, but only the second time I load the store. My first pass through ===...
  5. Thanks, Gary. I've confirmed that this is fixed!
  6. Thanks, Gary! We'll be taking 4.2.2 as soon as the commercial bits are available through the support site. Good to hear you guys are ahead on this one!
  7. An Ext.grid.Panel with the 'grouping' feature will log console errors when mousing in/out of the column headers if the store does not have a groupField set. The exact errors are logged in the...
  8. Why does the download page show the GPL version of ExtJS 4.2.2 was released on 9/23?
    But my subscriber downloads don't show a 4.2.2 commercial has been released?
  9. Gary, I know. This is a real specific situation. It must have to do with the parent structure. It's in an IFrame which MAY have something to do with it?
  10. 46001
    ExtJS 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 beta nightly builds.
    This is only happening on IE 9, not FF or Chrome. I cannot seem to reproduce this outside of our environment with any ease. This is launched from...
  11. So, I have to say, this is not straightforward. I believe it has something to do with HOW the STORE is bound to the grid. I found a "fix" another dev put in for a 4.2.0 issue, remove it and...
  12. DiscoBoy, That ALMOST works!
    The header display is right now. It shows the count.
    But "startCollapsed:true" is ignored and nothing happens when clicking the header.
    No errors on load, but when...
  13. DiscoBoy, where are you putting this workaround? In the controller? Before loading the store?
  14. I have the same issue as DiscoBoy.

    I have a non-buffered store and the children property is undefined. This results in a group header of something like:
    "GroupHeaderName ("

    And then the...
  15. Instructions: Open grid column menu and un-check "Show in groups".
    Problem: col2 is now MIA. If no groups, all columns should be shown.
    Question: Why doesn't the menu go away when selecting "Show...
  16. Bill,
    With pre-defined store.groupers this works well.
    However, I would like to be able to allow the user at run-time to choose what fields to group by. If they choose "Group by this column" then...
  17. Bill, this works okay if I define my groups up front. I want to allow a user to select what columns to group by. If I run this with pre-defined groupers I get my groups, but if the user ungroups...
  18. Here is a working code example. When you have a grouped grid where the text in the group header is longer than the width of the grid and you scroll to see the rest the rows in the grid are no longer...
  19. I've dug at this and don't see how to affect the header. I see how to configure it, but I don't see how to apply that configuration to the header. I see that the CheckboxModel calls...
  20. I do NOT want to use CheckboxSelectionModel. It doesn't work as I need. I tried that and it didn't work out to the user experience we wanted. So, I'm just using a straight checkcolumn. I want to...
  21. Thanks, slemmon. We can't move right now but we'll be sure to check out the fix in 4.2.1. Thanks!
  22. If I create a grid with the grouping feature but none of the columns are currently grouped then the checkcolumn will not render correctly. The underlying data is modified, but the checkbox does not...
  23. I'm messing with 'bulkremove' in 4.2 and can't seem to get this to fire. I'm calling store.remove(some records) and expecting that to CAUSE 'bulkremove' to fire.

    In my controller I have the...
  24. Ignore this post. Firefox
  25. Ignore this post. Testing login issue with forum (IE9 same machine with issue)
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