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    I just use a 'Component' object and use update to set the html - works great


    var h='<iframe src="../reporting/viewer.aspx?'+query+'" height="100%"" width="100%"...
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    As a workaround you can edit the architect.settings files found here:

    C:\Users\yourloginname\AppData\Local\Sencha\Sencha Architect 3.0

    I use 11px

    But yes, they should add a few more font...
  3. {[this.whatever]} in the tpl will give a reference to the tpl object, and you should be able to navigate from there...
  4. this was the original thread - part of it was fixed (perhaps not described by me very well)

  5. A bug - been there for quite a few versions

    If you refresh your Direct resource in Project Inspector after loading the project you should be able to 'Load Data' on the stores successfully
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    You need to install the SenchComplete exe and then the sencha-touch-grid.aux file will be in the C:\Users\xxxusernamexxx\bin\Sencha\Complete\ dir (on PC)
  7. you need to set api on the proxy for CRUD (directFn is just for simple reading)


    set api to:

    read : 'CustomerDirect.getCustomerNotes',
    update :...
  8. +1

    I publish all the time during dev and never 'build' - please return the button
  9. this changed in build 1330 - now the viewport create line gets injected into the beginning of the launch function - previously it got injected at the end of launch. I think i'll switch off initial...
  10. Yes this caused me some drama for a while until I figured out what was going on. Note that if you do remove 'initialView' enabled from the viewport we then get a blue warning icon on Application...
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    iso - which gives a nice readable string representation e.g. "2012-11-12T00:00:00"

    The function on the model converts the string to a date without any js 'smarts' trying to do a timezone conversion
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    I get around the timezone problem by putting in a convert function on the model fields that are dates to explicitly convert the string representation to a date

  13. you should probably switch to using robocopy (standard on Windows Vista upwards) - this will do a proper sync and remove files as necessary
  14. This sounds similar to a problem I have been experiencing, a fix is apparently on it's way...
  15. you can for both - if you can't click and drag them to recorder you might have found a bug on your particular setup? if so you should report a bug in the bug forum
  16. You will need to check for console.log statements - IE9 only allows these when debugger is open (otherwise will stop on error)
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    I like the look of this: (though can't quite buy yet as their PayPal isn't sorted)
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    Thanks for this - I too have used the default gray css as a starting point - first step is to dump all the gradients and radius borders - instant modern and clean theme! I am not far off the task of...
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    Curious as to why everyone in this thread is Publishing during development? I just have a browser pointing to the app.html in the project folder - just Save (Ctrl-S) and then refresh the browser...
  20. in the Chrome console you can select the iframe you're talking to by selecting the iframe from the botton toolbar (defaults to <top frame>
  21. I use the Chrome console for runtime ComponentQuery tinkering using the Ext object directly



    Cheers, Wayne
  22. You should have a Viewport as your initialView

    Set Layout to VBox with align of Center

    Then have a Panel with your desire width as a child of the Viewport
  23. +1 good idea
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    it's part of ExtJS 4.1, not SDK Tools
  25. not sure 'this' will give you the right scope - for me it gives the parent container (so picks up clicks on other children also)

    use the abstractcomponent passed as the event parameter to get the...
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