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  1. Version: ExtJS 4.1

    My question is this: How do I use markInvalid on a datefield when the built-in validation continually gets called in the background for many different events, removing the...
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    Fully agreed. Just adding some html to a component xtype and trying to let the layout shrink around it seems like hit or miss. And then you get things like this from my not-that-complex layout:

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    Still annoying... but perfectly understandable considering what you said. Sorry about the quip. Maybe a hard example of shrink wrapping in the Panel docs would be in order -...
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    That was one of the most lucid and complete answers I've seen on these boards. It always annoys me when I get an answer which lacks any kind of explanation, since that doesn't help me...
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    All I've done here is take the example from the docs for a column layout panel with two child panels, and stick that in a window component, and the result is the window not centering itself on the...
  6. Please forgive me - I'm still trying to get my feet under me with ExtJS 4.1, and so I probably missed some vital piece of info in the docs.

    I'm trying to extend the panel component, then create it...
  7. I'm looking for a way to use ExtJS to define classes that have definite parent classes which can be tested for using the standard "instanceof" comparison.

    Currently, here's how I get that. First,...
  8. I'm trying to read a data response from the server that is nesting the data in an array. In the below, I'm only interested in "Results[0].Data", which actually has the records I'm looking for:

  9. I've got what seems to be a very obscure problem - or I'm just missing something so huge that I can't see it from so close.

    I have a combobox that is drawing data from a HttpProxy object using...
  10. I have a simple EditorGridPanel and an equally simple FormPanel. I've got the FormPanel submitting nicely to the server and getting back JSON data. I was very proud of myself in accomplishing...
  11. Tell you what - I'll leave you two to discuss if this is actually a problem or not. All I know is, given:

    searchCtrl is defined:

  12. Sorry - I'm still not getting the whole "remove() removes a component from a container - except when it doesn't" thing. From the documentation, I expect that if I remove a component, whether it's...
  13. If what you're saying is true, then you've a problem.

    If removing a component without refreshing the DOM has the effects it does, why do you offer the remove function with the [Boolean...
  14. The code is in this thread over in ext:help:

    I tested on Firefox 3.x and IE 7.x - same behavior, which is:

    Have a basic panel with an accordion...
  15. Captain's log, stardate "whatthehell?". No intelligent life seems to have responded to our distress call. Engineering is getting pissed because we can't even set a simple active panel in an...
  16. After yet more research, I've found that if I add the line "searchCtrl.body.update();" like so:

    function(node, evnt) {
    var searchCtrl =...
  17. After more research, I've found that the panel.doLayout() method is bugged.

    1.) searchCtrl.remove(currentSearchForm, false);
    currentSearchForm(FormPanel) is removed from the parent panel's...
  18. This may be a bug, and it seems the problem is pretty deep in the API.

    Problem: We have a tree panel nested in a vanilla parent panel with an accordion layout. Each leaf in the tree represents a...
  19. I don't see anywhere in that code the ability to display more than the first line. I want/need the equivalent of

    <select multiple="multiple">
  20. Am I missing something, or is there really no true multiple-lines-visible scrollable version of the combobox? I see lots of chatter and some examples of multiselect combobox hack that are just...
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