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    OK and here is the complete extended code for anyone who is wrestling with this and wants to stop the drilling down the nodes. Just add this to your model:

    {name: 'selectable', type:...
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    Here is the link to Mitchell's own post that explains further the rest for anyone who ended up in this thread and is looking for this information. ...
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    What do you mean by such a one liner? It doesn't answer anything. Just makes someone who searches for some insight on the subject for hours more frustrated.
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    What is the most elegant way to have spaces between the items in newest sencha touch 2.1? I tried, padding, margin in many forms, custom itemHeight, nothing sticks.
    Any suggestion much appreciated.
  5. Does anyone even give a damn? This was posted 1 year and 2 months ago and
    $form-field-bg-color still doesn't do anything.
  6. Original poster is absolutely right. Placing formpanel into panel or container and then setting layout to vbox or hbox on both creates all kinds of problems. Form is literally invisible with that...
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    Just grab jqPlot charts and be done with it. It's free.

    Too bad that sencha doesn't offer them for free. But I guess they have to make money to to stay in the business.
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    I have an app that has a panel with default zIndex: 0. This panel is collecting x,y coordinates when user taps on this panel. When certain coordinates are matched there is an sub item within this...
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    Where are we on Droppable Sencha fellas? I need to drop some stuff.
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    Can someone tell me how to apply glossy background to regular 'panel' xtype without writing my own glossy gradient cls? I am using SASS if needed but there are no mixings under the panel to do custom...
  11. I have compass installed. I can manually compile with compass to generate .css files out o .sass or run compass watch. But when I run build it crashes on sass.
  12. talnicolas,

    Have you found solution to this problem? I am still wrestling with integration of Sencha Touch 2.1.1 with cordova-2.2.0

    Error I am getting on startup on device is RefferenceError:...
  13. Hi Nag,

    I had the same problem. Problem was that I installed the latest version on my Mac using the command:

    gem install compass --pre

    This installed by default the version:...
  14. MUCH appreciated. Worked like charm. And absolutely agree with you that this should be built-in option within Sencha Touch. There should be config for textfield called selectable: true,.

  15. I have the same problem. Sencha Touch 2.1.0 Commercial, Safari 6.0.2, OSX 10.8.2, All caches emptied. Restarted Safari.
    I am using Sencha provided example files and nothing loads. White blank page,...
  16. Anyone? Any useful info would be much appreciated.
  17. That is not what is happening. I have my sencha app with embedded html5 youtube videos, and as soon as app's panel with those videos loads it switches out of my app to Safari(!) not to YouTube,...
  18. I have a iPad app which has embedded html5 youtube videos in it. When app starts these embedded videos automatically switch FROM my app TO the Safari browser. I thought we can play html5 videos...
  19. Thanks for the response, but as I said I want some central location for this. Not to code it in each button.
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    How come I can't have modal window WITHOUT the mask underneath?

    extend: 'Ext.Panel',

    config: {
    modal: true,
    masked: false
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    Much appreciated, thank you.
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    I am in California. My users are all over the world. I want to show New York clock to each of them when they view the application.

    How does one go about setting different GMT time zones with...
  23. Hey guys, what is the best way to delay ajax request for few seconds after the first request was made. I don't want user to be overwhelming the server with double, triple clicks. I would prefer it to...
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    It seems anything I download from Sencha server is corrupted. Downloaded latest commercial Sencha Touch - corrupted. Downloaded SDK Tools - corrupted. OSX Archive Utility refuses to open them. When I...
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    We have image xtype. Image xtype type has "centered" config item. Why in the world when setting centered to true, the most expected behavior isn't happening. That is image being centered. Not even...
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