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    Wow Sencha. Just Wow. You guys continue to amaze me. You have such a good product but sometimes it feels like you're trying to mess it up with the way you handle your developers.
  2. Not with the compilation build into Sencha Cmd. Again, you need to follow the cordova guide in the docs and use cordova. This can be called from Sencha Cmd. "sencha app build native" will do it after...
  3. Follow the cordova integration guides in the sencha touch docs. You'll need a mac computer.
  4. Sounds like a very helpful bit of advice from Apple there. Rebuild in latest XCode, if not contact developer support. I'd do that!
  5. Hi guys. We developed a couple of fantasy football apps in sencha touch and are making a big splash on app stores. We've been #1 in sports on both iphone and ipad, inside the top 150 on google play...
  6. Not sure what's going on with your code then - maybe you're not running it when the 2nd toolbar at the bottom is in the DOM? It doesn't make any sense otherwise that the selector is finding one but...
  7. The problem with these approaches is that if you have a toolbar docked to the bottom of the screen or two docked at the top, you are applying the padding to each rather than just the one at the top...
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    What you need to do, is use the inAppBrowser cordova plugin and open the links through there instead.

    If you have hardcoded HTML links you can observe them being clicked, prevent the default and...
  9. I to am using 2.3.1 and Command 4.0.1.X and for me these are extremely super stable. The same could not be said for 2.2.x but 2.3.1 is an incredibly stable and reliable release. I have had my fair...
  10. Great news! Thanks for letting everyone know.
  11. Yeh, I wouldn't be too concerned about it at this point. Apple have sped up the uiwebview for us so it's in line with safari in this release. This may be related; either way let's see if Apple...
  12. Anything to do with this?
  13. This may actually be an issue with the safari implementation in iOS8. I really hope Sencha can take a look at this and file a bug report with Apple if not. It would be beyond disastrous for Sencha as...
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    I haven't run your code but you are adding loads of charts to the viewport. I imagine these are highly dom intensive and are massively affecting performance.Did you try to replicate this on a simple...
  15. this may be of use to you: it does basically strip out the UI, specifically here for a node.js module but...
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    You might want to post a test case. As obviously the framework itself has much better performance than that for the vast vast majority of apps based on it. So far more likely it's an issue with code...
  17. This code is really messy... there's so much unneccessary nesting going on. Ext.create shouldn't be inside an inline config: { items: [ ... ] } definition, you should be using the xtype here.

  18. how are you adding the list view to the viewport? Do you see the titlebar on the screen?
  19. There's a guide for this in the docs
  20. The list component can't do what you ask. Perhaps if you're a beginner it might be better to be more flexible to advice given such as that above by fmoseley!

    Dataview with inline config set to...
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    Send me a pm with your email - I can send you an apk of an app I released last year (not in stores right now but was in google play)
  22. You could try putting some debugging statements in the proxy's file to see if queries are being executed.
  23. Certainly don't do this with jquery. Sencha has all the selectors and modifications of DOM elements you would need. Just look at the docs.And it's perfectly possible in CSS too, by adding/removing...
  24. Don't do this with jquery. Haven't yet seen a good reason to mix it in with sencha touch.

    Why don't you assign a css class and apply these styles with css? The code as it is is very difficult to...
  25. When you declare applications/classes with dots in between them, you aren't necessarily creating a property of a global variable at that exact location. In fact, rarely, if ever is that the case....
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