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  1. This seems to be a recurring theme. I get the same conflict when I call store.sync() on a buffered store.

    Is this a different bug or just another case of PageMap vs MixedCollection?

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    Am I reading this right? Is the root cause for the layout failure the deepest node in my diagnoses tree?
  3. Thanks!

    Here is the override for anyone interested:

    Ext.override(Ext.util.ComponentDragger, {

    calculateConstrainRegion :
    function() {
  4. Hey All,

    When I am using a Region defined constrainTo property the Region constantly is adjusted and shrinking. I found the fix in the calculateConstrainRegion function of ComponentDragger. The...
  5. I should mention that the complexity of this problem is that I need each row to have a unique set of data for the column with the combobox. For example - A grid of people with a column for their...
  6. I am looking to have a Combobox in an editorgrid be populated when my json string returns from the server in a JSON response. Here is what I am currently trying:

    EditorGrid Code:

  7. What file was the solution, i am seeing the same error?

  8. That is exactly what I would like to do, but I’m not sure how to do that.

    Anyone know how to interrupt a submit, then check all the Values in the fields and only submit fields with Values in...
  9. I Dont want to require a field to be filled out, which is what allowBlank does. I want a field not to submit to the server if it does not have a Value. Not sure how vTypes helps here either, seems...
  10. Is there a way to do a Form Submit without submitting blank fields?


    My test page has 5 text fields and 2 comboboxes and even if they are empty they submit to the server as parameters. ...
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    I am switching from EXT 3.0 to 3.1, and have replaced all my ext-all.js, ext-all.css, resource directory, etc files and directories. And now when I open my pages in IE it works seemingly as it did...
  12. I was curious if you could find a Component by name not id?


  13. I know this thread is old, but I am running into the same problem with Ext.messageBox. Can someone post code to show this working. <abbr> did not work for me.


  14. That was actually a transcription error on my part. My response does have the colon there.

    JSON Response:

  15. I am loading a form and it doesnt load my fields and goes to the failure action of the load, although my JSON responce returns fine and have success:true in it.

    JS Code:

  16. Thanks for the help.
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    I am having an issue with AJAX calls to load a store. I have 5 grids that filter 1 grid based on selections. The five grids auto select records on load. The problem is the first call to load the...
  18. Thanks for the reply.

    Now its telling me that response is undefined. I guess this is because its in a column definition part, and there is no function(... , response, ...).

    Any thoughts?
  19. Hey mschwartz,

    Could you take a look at my post from a few days ago. It sounds like you may be of some assistance.

    Thanks in advance,
  20. Anyone have any ideas about this?


  21. I am looking to have a Combobox in an editorgrid populate from a list of strings returned in a JSON response from the server. Here is what I am currently trying:


  22. I was curious if there were any examples out there using the cascade method. Im looking to disable all fields in a panel's items field.

    e.g. :

  23. Thanks for the reply, worked like a charm!
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    Thanks Again For The Posts, i figured it out:


    Thanks for the help!

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    Thanks for the reply, that helps!

    Now i want to somehow load a store using the action.result object (which is JSON formed like {"success":true, "data":[...]}, I tried this with no luck:

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