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  1. I've got buttons on displays that I don't show unless I have admin option set. I want them hidden by default so they don't appear and then disappear when I toggle them in my show event. It would be...
  2. I end up writing code like this: (I'm sure there is a better way)

    var store ="TodoItems");
  3. Is there a way to h ave Ext.Azure.init(; run such that if a store with an azure proxy has autoLoad set to true, it does not error (because Azure init has not been called)?

  4. can we do a screen share? what was working stopped.
  5. BTW, I'm working on a blog post for the Sencha Blog on this and I'm really hoping to get the SA extensions Art posted with the Azure mobile services working in SA3 windows. (all my sencha work is on...
  6. not sure how to do that in SA. I type it at the "model" attribute and that is where it puts it.
  7. this is sencha touch with azure mobile services (I can not get the azure mobile SA extensions to work which is why I'm overriding the class, I need a proxy type of 'azure')
  8. sure. I typed the model name into the dropdown list because SA did not know about my model. I also added it to the app.js through the SA project property viewer (models array). And of course,...
  9. picture upload failed first time so went back and edited post (was trick, not anymore :))
  10. 48603I did that and it works now but I'm getting two errors in SA (see attached picture)
  11. Not understanding what you mean
  12. I have not tried jsresource. any suggestion for working with the override? it makes cmd cleaner because I don't have multiple extra files hanging on to my index.html.
  13. The code below does not seem to work for overrriding a proxy. Any thoughts on what should?

    Ext.define('MyOrg.model.override.TodoItem', {
    override: 'MyOrg.model.TodoItem',

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    OK, here is what I've done now.I changed the extensions in preferences to C:\Users\peterkellner\Documents\Architect\Extensions (not the components ore templates defaults).copied the 3 azure extension...
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    Ah, that is set to //psf/Home/Documents/Architect/Extensions/ .I'm running parallels on a mac and have probably moved the VM. I never put anythng on that shared drive on purpose. How can I change...
  16. I posted at the end of the last thread regarding my issue with SA3 and architect (with azure extension).

    I tried adding the requires myself in the app.json file. It builds with no errors (sencha...
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    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I'm having a similar problem with architect 3.

    I can't seem to find the equiv location on a windows 8.1 machine to install the architect extension files.
  18. I would love if updates would work with models that have associations. I know there are work arounds, but them seem quite bulky.
  19. I did read the suggest instructions for doing this myself but am afraid if I did this I'd either get it wrong or somehow hurt the project when it comes time to update to a new version or run cmd. to...
  20. shift-tab

    seems to format my code. seems like putting that in a button next to "export" button would be very useful. I've never pressed export, yet I'd press reformat code...
  21. 1. create view
    2. create button on view and set itemid
    3. create click event on button
    4. promote event to controller

    result should take you to code of that click event
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    I've found that if I do control-a, then shift-tab-tab-tab-tab that my source code gets reformatted. Is there a more discoverable way to format?
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    I've got stuff like cache-buster in there but no font section. I assume this is the file you mean?

    C:\Users\peterkellner\AppData\Local\Sencha\Sencha Architect 3.0\architect.settings
  24. I can't seem to promote my select and unselect events to a controller. there seems to be no itemid associated with rowselectionmodel that the event attaches to. When I try and promote it, the event...
  25. I think I now know the issue. I'm running a macbook retina with a screen resolution of 2880x1880. at 15", I need to set my windows font size to 200% which causes the dialog to get confused because...
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