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  1. If a TreeLoader returns child nodes synchronously (or very rapidly), the loading indicator can stay on. I've observed this behavior after migrating from Tree which did not exhibit the behavior.

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    rowEditor.addListener(Events.AfterEdit, new Listener<RowEditorEvent>() {
    public void handleEvent(RowEditorEvent be) {


    I have filed a bug on the lack of edit...
  3. Actually, RowEditor in M2 only sends BeforeEdit, doesn't send StartEdit.
  4. Okay, that is probably a start, but there are other issues.

    In my case, I wanted to discard the temporary record if the user made no changes or pressed cancel. Other case would be if you wanted...
  5. I've been using RowEditor in the milestones and had to do a very hacky extension of RowEditor to get notification that the user has closed the row editor when they either pressed Cancel or pressed...
  6. Okay, getValue() is only called twice, but that still one more than necessary.

    Code fragment from 2.0 M2.
  7. In Field.onBlur() is the following fragment:

    if ((focusValue == null && getValue() != null)
    || (focusValue != null && !focusValue.equals(getValue()))) {
  8. Here is a sample case that reproduces the problem. In the M1 build (and likely 1.2.x, but I didn't test it), the following code would result in a label field, two text fields and a text area being...
  9. I've just update my app to 2.0 M2 and now half of my fields no longer appear (though the labels do appear). LabelField, TextArea are affected while TextField is unaffected.

    I've inspected the...
  10. GridView starting in M2 now expects to be able to get and set "gxt-widgetlist" on items in the backing store. TreeGrid and TreePanel do the same with "gxt-id". Previously all view related properties...
  11. In both 1.2.3 and 2.0 M1, ComboBox.setPropertyEditor asserts that the property editor must be a ListModelPropertyEditor, but tells the developer it needs to be just a ModelPropertyEditor.

  12. 2.0 M1 provides examples, but not the build.xml files that would be necessary to build them. These are pretty standard and a user could copy them over from another GWT project, but it would be good...
  13. Currently the javadoc only contains the public methods. However, protected methods are needed for general use of GXT, not just for exceptional cases, and it would be nice to have those included in...
  14. Did some more seaching and it appears has been frequently brought up as a weakness in ExtJS, but the ExtJS team dismisses it as not a concern.
  15. Strongly disagree here. The model data is independent of the context and should not be aware of where it might be rendered. Also to make things safe without fixing the default renderer, you would...
  16. If a value bound to a grid cell contains is contained in <>, the contents between the angles will not be displayed unless there is an explicit GridCellRenderer which properly escapes the angles as &lt;...
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    I'm binding a Tree to a TreeStore and ran into a dead end on getting a per-tree item tooltip. I extended TreeBinder.update() to set TreeItem.setToolTip(String), but no tool tip is displayed.

  18. I encountered several breaking changes that were not documented in 2.0_migration_guide.html.

    DataProxy, DataReader, BaseListLoader (likely others) now take 1 parameter class and not two.
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