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  1. Does it make most sense for this preference to be global for the Architect installation (per user), or local to each individual project?

    [EDIT] Thinking this through more, I've convinced myself it...
  2. You can find examples if you search around; here's some from an older version of the docs:!/guide/config_panel-section-using-variables-with-configs
  3. Architect does support binding, for all configs that have corresponding setter methods. For those configs, you will see a little magnet icon to the right of the config's name; clicking that icon will...
  4. The best way to achieve this right now is with a Process Config function to set the dynamic value at runtime.

    The reason Architect does not (yet) support this is due to the inability to resolve...
  5. It looks like your fireEvent code is within a ViewController; I don't believe ViewControllers get the this.application reference, just global controllers. Try accessing the application instance with...
  6. Thanks, this has been reported before - TOUCH-5523 for dev reference. Its current state is that we need the framework team to audit the codebase and make sure that non-String values are indeed...
  7. OK, I think we're on the same page. The vertical scrolling inconsistency is definitely something we can address. The indentation is something I would also like to see fixed and we do have a ticket...
  8. Thanks, we'll look into this.

    The API docs are unclear on this; they seem to indicate that the event will be fired on the plugin instance and not the grid panel, but that could be a documentation...
  9. It sounds like these are all things that have to do with the jump between readonly/generated code and editable code. It's interesting that the jump seems more obvious to you now... all of these...
  10. You might also be interested in
  11. " when I try to extend the class Ext.dd.DropTarget "

    Can you elaborate on how you are doing this?
  12. It is case sensitive, and appears to have always been that way. However, IMO this isn't acceptable; at the very least we need a case-insensitive option. I've added this to our ticket tracking.

  13. I don't think any of the Architect examples make use of this yet, but the ExtJS framework itself contains some examples.
  14. There's no such option anymore; all configs are displayed unless there is specific logic to hide them.

    That said, there is specific logic to disable/hide the appFolder config when build tools are...
  15. Thanks for reporting this, it's definitely a bug. I've moved to the bugs forum and opened a ticket.
  16. That is a downside of the new arrangement. :/

    I've toyed with the idea of being able to split the inspector into multiple views of the same tree, perhaps allowing you to break out a single class...
  17. Thanks, I think I had misunderstood your original post. It sounded like you were saying that it worked properly with Architect 3.0.4 but doesn't with the latest 3.1 release. But you were actually...
  18. Replies
    Is your Initial View component a viewport, or have you given it a width/height?
  19. You don't see the Help item when you right-click the filter field?

  20. Can you elaborate on this? The function appears in the config list for me, so I must be misunderstanding you.
  21. Thanks, I'm opening a bug for this.
  22. Some questions:
    1) What framework is this for?
    2) When you say "use Style object", are you talking about the 'style' config on the component, something with the theme/skin editor, or something...
  23. For dev reference: I've opened DSGNR-6090 to add support for sharing a single handler method between multiple listeners.
  24. Yup, that code I pasted was from me adding one. Had to set its event name of course, but otherwise it got added just fine.
  25. For future dev reference:
    Choosing comment style - DSGNR-6088
    Dismissing editors by clicking outside - DSGNR-6089
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