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  1. I have created a fiddle:

    When I select "Ext JS Crisp", everything is ok.

    When I select "Ext JS Crisp", the portlet can be dragged but...
  2. The same application works in ExtJS 5.0.1.I have debuged to the line (of DragDropManager.js):

    if (e.within(overTarget.getEl()))

    if I commented out this line, everything is ok again.
  3. Sorry, it's my mistake, I have forgotten to replace the ext-all.js with the new 5.0.1 version.

    This bug can be closed!
  4. After upgraded to EXTJS 5.0.1, the current row of grid looks like as the following pic, the vertical lines is unnecessary!


    This is what it looks like in EXTJS 5.0.0 of the same program:...
  5. The Updated version of Ext.ux.IFrame is here:

    * Barebones iframe implementation. For serious iframe work, see the
    * ManagedIFrame extension
  6. I have an updated version of Ext.ux.IFrame, and tested in lastest ExtJS 5 :


    childEls : {
    iframeEl: { selectNode : 'iframe' }

    renderData: {
  7. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance.
  8. 45587
  9. I use node-webkit now.
  10. See for detail.

    I have to comment the code about timeout to make it work again, see the attached image.

  11. @goyal.nitj, great! Thank you for the fully working code!
  12. sorry, this problem is not related to the autoHeight property. All my grids have the same problem.
  13. When set autoHeight true, the first column of grid is not sortable, and is not resizable, and its width is fixed!
    Anyone can help? Thanks in advance!
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    I use ExtJS 2.3.0, and I add following patch to css that solve the same problem(not need to change editableitem.js )

    /* patch */
  15. I found that the Ext 3.0 version of this extension can be used with Ext 2.3 with small modifications:

    * ColumnLock v1.7.1 for Ext 3 (changed for 2.3)
  16. Thanks!
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    @makana, thank you for your help.

    I found that you also must override the getTotalCount method in like this: = "t_project_contractor"...
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    I have the same problem.
  20. Anyone?
  21. I change the Ext.air.FileProvider in ext-air-debug.js like this:

    Ext.air.FileProvider = function(config){;

    this.defaultState = {...
  22. Anyone use the ux.ManagedIFrame extension in the Adobe Air application?

    I just see the error message 'Inline frames are NOT enabled/supported by your browser'
    by Introspector.
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    Anyone can explain the difference between constructor and onRender method, when should I put code in constructor, and when should I put code in onRender method?
  24. Has anyone used autosuggestion/autocomplete textfield just using ExtJS core?
  25. My complete working code here, wish it helps:

    form.member.MemberCorpEditForm = Ext.extend(Ext.form.FormPanel, {
    myId : function(id) {
    return + "-" + id
    initComponent :...
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