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    I can't say about your Google Play question as I've only ever submitted free apps to Google Play. I've never seen that error before but make sure you copy over the config.xml file to the production...
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    Hi Notepad,

    I mention the 'sencha app build native' command for the purpose of acknowledging that it is an option, but do not cover how to use it. The book covers how to build your app with...
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    It's definitely not an easy process if you've never done it before, but straight forward enough. As you mentioned it can be difficult to piece the bits of information everywhere together. To answer...
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    Try these headers:

    header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *');
    header('Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, POST, OPTIONS');
  5. Hi,

    I'm having an issue with my apps instantly crashing at startup about 10-40% of the time on iOS8. I created a new app with no modifications, built with phonegap (no plugins) and was still...
  6. Nice one, looking forward to having a read.
  7. I just finished up a blog post with some tips for Sencha Touch beginners. You can check out the whole thing here if you like (it's too long to post here directly), but here's a very quick summary:
  8. You need to initialise Facebook first as well as making sure your app is set up correctly on

    window.fbAsyncInit = function() {

  9. Hi Carlo, I wrote a blog post about using the Facebook Connect plugin with Sencha Touch, maybe it will help you:
  10. It can be pretty hard to debug stuff like this, most of the time I run into problems with the app working in the browser but not on a device it's a cross origin access problem. If you're loading in...
  11. Hi All,

    I created a simple example app for my eBook that pulls in a list of your friends from Facebook using the Facebook Connect PhoneGap Build plugin. It just has some basic functionality around...
  12. You will need a certificate and provisioning profile to get it onto an iOS device, you will need to specify the UUID of the test devices in the provisioning profile so only 'approved' people will be...
  13. Sencha Touch and PhoneGap come separately. I wrote another post on getting started with PhoneGap Build if you want to take a look at that......
  14. No, don't use PhoneGap alone. Sencha Touch is very compatible with PhoneGap (and has been designed that way). Sencha Touch and PhoneGap are two different things - to put it simply PhoneGap gives you...
  15. You should take a look at the File Transfer API in the PhoneGap Docs:

    I'm assuming you're using PhoneGap with...
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    Very cool, nice work.
  17. Great, I'll have to add a warning about that though I think - I'm sure others have had the same experience as you which is definitely not good. Thanks for helping out.
  18. Oh ok I've never experienced that, does it keep happening or was it just once? And were you outside at the time?
  19. Do you only get the GPS failure after you lock the phone? I've noticed this as well. I'm pretty sure I can get the GPS to run in the background but I haven't found a way to keep the music playing...
  20. Hi All,

    I just finished converting an Android app to Sencha Touch. It's a running application that tracks distance, time and allows music control through touch controls. I've also been writing a...
  21. Thanks Steven, it's exciting to see what people are doing with mobile web.
  22. Thanks, I'm looking forward to releasing it!
  23. Hi All,

    I saw a blog post where John Tregoning implemented the new 'Photo Tilt' in Facebook's 'Paper' app in JavaScript. I wanted to get this working in a Sencha Touch way (because it's awesome)...
  24. To use the camera function your application has to be packaged natively. Are you using the Sencha Touch native packager or something like PhoneGap build?
  25. I remember trying to figure out how to do this a while ago and couldn't seem to find much on the topic - a much needed blog post!
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