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  1. Ok, I prepared hotfix for me. It seems that ExtJS 4.2 has some problems with auto calculation width for text content by IE11. It's problem in tooltips, the MessageBox and maybe somewhere else.
  2. Hi, how you solved it? I have same problem. Thanks
  3. Nobody from ExtJS team hasn't interest about this bug ? This bug does for us modal window unusable or usable with a lot of problems! The bug exists really long long time and in more versions ExtJS....
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    I had similar problem in FF version 25 and ExtJS version 4.2.1(Build date: 2013-05-16 14:36:50).
    I call "setReadOnly" function on HtmlEditor component. I had in concole this error:...
  5. We simulated the bug in ExtJS 4.2.1 as well:((. Exists some workaround or fix for this problem ??? The bug was reported before long time and I hope some solution exists now.

    Thanks a lot
  6. Thanks a lot! =D>
    This fix helps really speed up test example and our application significantly. Test example is OK and our application only one warning for continuing script remains.
    I hope the...
  7. Hi,

    We have implemented really big application in ExtJS. We invested really a lot of time for conversion our application from ExtJS3 to ExtJS4. There was also big performance...
  8. Hi,

    is possible to paste here the fix for ExtJS 4.2.0 ? (or link for fixed beta version)

  9. Hi,

    I have code for filling text to container. In version ExtJS 4.1 was correct this code:

    var cnt = Ext.create('Ext.Container', {
    renderTo : document.body,
    listeners : {
  10. Hi all developers for legacy browsers,

    I just notice for you what I had a problem.

    I find problem which was for me realy stressfull. This problem isn't problem in Sencha Cmd but in IE8. I think...
  11. Hi,

    I have problem with button localization when I extended Ext.window.MessageBox.
    In the ext-lang-xxx.js in ExtJS 4.1.1 is still fix for EXTJSIV-3909, but the fix isn't correct for all...
  12. Hello all,

    I want change header gradient of Panel(precisely on mouseover event. Easy hover effect. I need support for legacy browsers.

    I tried create new UI for panel and add...
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    Hello all,

    Sorry for my english. What is my problem.

    I need change background by tab title for mouse over,active and normal event. I need also support for legacy browsers. I need different...
  14. Hello,

    I use extJS 3.1.0.

    I use component Ext.Toolbar and I swap from default theme to my theme with the help of code:

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