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    Here is another post.. Same question.
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    Well I do not want to use index.html. I have a dynamic index that generates a view using a backend framework. Currently I redirect to mobile/index.html, but redirection is not good. Plus, url...
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    Thats exactly what I'm doing now (redirecting to http://localhost/mobile/dev/index.html) and I would like to avoid doing this.

    Basically what I'm trying to achieve is separate index.html from the...
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    I've been looking for a solution to use dynamically generated index file for along time and still no answer.

    I'm using CMD to build touch project and currently I have the following structure.
  5. Sencha Team: Please address this issue or at least provide some official guidance.
  6. Also, I noticed that when I compile, its including all files not just dependencies.

    Here is the command that I'm using.

    sencha compile -classpath=ext/sencha-touch-2.2.1/src,mobile,app.js concat...
  7. Same problem with Sencha Cmd v3.1.2.342.
  8. Looks like this bug exists in Touch 2.2.1 as well. Any official fix/patch?
  9. How do I use this override? Do I need to override Ext.dataview.List as well in order to use your override?
  10. I managed to do it using the backend, by adding extra lines of data to the dataset (that represent the sum of the data broken down by categories) and hiding some of them.

    I was just looking for a...
  11. Is it possible to dynamically merge or combine lines (from the same dataset and without making a separate call to backend)

    For example: I have a chart with 10 lines, and I would like to merge (sum...
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    Thanks. I already figured it out the hard way. Please update the documentation. It says it take tpl and html.
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    Trying to create a text element in a chart. It works with text but not working with tpl or html.

    items: [{
    type : 'text',
    text: 'test', // WORKING
    //tpl: 'Total...
  14. Thats is exactly what I'm looking for.

    However, how do you deal with models for example. Models require fields mapping so later it could build grids etc. Same goes for charts. Charts require...
  15. I'm trying to come up with the best architecture for enterprise (very large) application.

    First of all, I would like to say that I really like the idea of having both back-end and front-end MVC....
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    Amazing plugin.

    I love how you can slide the menu from anywhere, however in some cases I have a carousel component which obviously conflicts with the sliding menu.

    I was wondering if there was...
  17. I have the same requirement. Please provide instructions on how to set it up correctly.
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    I'm would like to integrate a side sliding menu into my application, however I would like to use the navigation view so that I would have the back button capabilities and deep linking. I would like...
  19. I want to compile Ext JS lib with all the app dependencies including UX but without the app itself. Basically I want a separate file for ext and one for my app.

    I've used this command but it...
  20. Well, after investigating this tool for couple of days, I came to a conclusion that it works good if you have a simple setup and follow sencha's recommended file structure. However, if you have a...
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    I've spent some time researching Sencha Cmd and the default setup seems simple enough however, when I try to do something a little custom, it gets very complicated and I cant find any useful...
  22. I'm trying to integrate a sencha touch application into an existing application.

    My Structure:
    /js/mobile/ - folder where my touch application will be residing
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    Since IE10 now supports web workers (not sure how well), but does Sencha Team planning to introduce some implementation of web workers into its core or at least partially for things like charts?
  24. It looks like splitterResize is for border layout. I need it for Ext.resizer.Splitter? I have vbox layout with two items and a splitter in between. I dont want the items resized, just collapsed. ...
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