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  1. What is the CSS for styling scrollbars in FireFox? I was under the impression that this wasn't supported, is that not the case?
  2. The issue is that I want the tree to fill only the space it needs, when it's collapsed the panel holding the tree should be smaller, this was the only way I could figure to make this work. I have...
  3. thanks I'll give that a whirl and see how it goes.
  4. I am assuming you're talking about the Ext.dom.Element resize event, is that correct?

    This seems to work and I'm not setting the height anywhere, not sure if it's the most efficient though.

    If I were to manually set the height what would I be setting...
  6. Ok, so is there a way to make this work by listening to some event on the tree and forcing a layout on the accordion?
  7. So this looks like an issue that was approved on in 4.1.1 as I am running 4.1.0. The initial sizing is still strange, I wonder if there is a way around that?

    Here is it broken in 4.1.0
  8. I am trying to add a treepanel to an accordion and have the accordion not set to fill. When I do this, the trees height is updated, but the parent container is never re-layed out and worse when I...
  9. I have a div created outside of ExtJS which I am rendering a toolbar too. The divs width is relative to the browser window, I am wondering if there is a way to have the toolbar automatically update...
  10. I'm looking for a way to style the scrollbars created on when an ExtJS component overflows. I've seen things like jScrollPane and flexscroll but I am running into issues where the scrollbar doesn't...
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    for now I added the count as a separate column, but I'd love to hear if there is another approach which would give me the desired output. The only thing that I don't like about this is the columns...
  12. I am looking to customize the template used for a tree item, is this possible?
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    I am trying to render a tree item such that there is text on the left which is truncated if too long and fixed text with a fixed size on the right. I am currently using the following text, but it's...
  14. I am trying to integrate my application with a framework which provides drag and drop capabilities, I have successfully gotten drag/drop working using the framework but I've noticed that the...
  15. I was able to fix this issue, the problem was with the container structure I was using. Simplifying that cleared this up.
  16. I have a data view that when clicked and dragged the view seems to move off the screen. Is there a way to stop this? The dataview is in a container with layout fit, any ideas would be appreciated....
  17. Thanks I'll give that a shot. Appreciate the quick info
  18. I am trying to use the Sencha build tool to combine and minify my application but I don't want to include all of the ext related files, is this possible? Currently I tried doing this by making my...
  19. Is there a way to add an Ext.Action after a button is created or can it only be done by passing the action into the constructor?
  20. I have a listener setup on a menu for beforeshow and I'm finding that returning false causes the menu to not be rendered as expected but there is an artifact that is still shown (screenshot below). ...
  21. How can I implement the same scrollbars in my application as those in the new updates sencha docs? I tried to look at the source but everything is minified so I'm not really sure where to start.
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    So I ended up with this which works for my use case.

    anchor: 'top',
    dismissDelay : 0,
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    I do eventually want to do that as well, but right now this code makes the left of the tooltip and the left of the button line up. I really want the entire tooltip centered. I've attached an img...
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    I am trying to align a tooltip to the center of a button and am running into issues. I am currently doing this

    Ext.create('Ext.tip.ToolTip',{ target:,
  25. thanks Animal, that was also my thoughts. I'll leave the override in until I see any official release which makes it unnecessary.

    Will a bug be created for this that I can track?
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