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  1. Has this been fixed in ST 2.4?
    For some reason i get this error when calling Ext.Msg.alert in production built app (in chrome):

    Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method...
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    Seems this bug is not fixed in ST 2.4.
    Workaround mentioned above is still needed.
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    Instead of using Ext.plugin.BufferedList, try setting parameter 'infinite' to 'true' on the regular Ext.dataview.List config. It certainly made a huge difference in performance with a preloaded...
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    Ok, so in other words, the class optimizer does not work for ST using CMD 5.0.1?

    Regarding the delta update issue, it seems like the same issue as has been reported earlier in the forums, have no...
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    Thanks! Commenting out that line certainly works.Care to explain what it does? It sounds like optimizing build is something you want :)

    Btw, it seems like setting update to 'delta' in app.json...
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    This bug is still present with Sencha Cmd v5.0.1.231.Some of us maintain several Sencha/Extjs projects from same development environment, its really sucks to have use different version of the same...
  7. This is probably the same issue described here:

    I got the same error as you mention, this came up in Chromes console...
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    I got the same error as you mention, this came up in Chromes console when trying to view the built version:

    Error evaluating ... with message: TypeError: Cannot read property 'getOrientation' of...
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    Just a heads up for anyone having problems with this component with ST 2.3.1
    Make sure you grab the latest version from the authors github:
  10. @Fredric Berling: You the man! Thanks a lot for ┬┤documenting┬┤ this for us!
  11. Hi all.

    We're developing a CRM system, and plan to support drag-drop upload of external files.
    Thing is, we think it would be useful to automatically 'connect' the uploaded file with the entity...
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    Hi guys.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for how to set up emptyText for a htmleditor field?
    (The scenario is I have a list of comments, and an htmleditor field at the bottom to 'Add a new...
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    Well, it does not matter what server/sw you're using locally, unless you create your own rendering mechanism server side. I'm wondering what ext are using behind the scenes...
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    The service is still down..

    Does anyone know if there is an existing opensource implementation of a similar backend?
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    I've been searching the forum for this exact same thing, but without findings, so bumping this thread instead.

    I want to display a grid grouped by 'Ticket status', and i want these 'Statuses' to...
  16. Thanks for your input, but unfortunately that thread only proposes other paths for compiled/built version.
    I want to have the index.html outside the app dir for the development version, but seems...
  17. Hi all.

    We're using the sencha cmd to maintain our app, but have some problems setting things up nicely to bridge between development and production.

    Basically, our development version of the...
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    I'm guessing you're targeting the wrong element with your css, font-icons are often inserted with the ':before' pseudo-element. (See your font-css file for this).
    If so, try something like this:

  19. Thanks mate, the beforecollapse approach works great!
  20. I came across the sencha fiddle app, which has a kind of neat way of showing a button in the 'header' of the western panel when it is collapsed. (screenshot: )...
  21. Uninstalling/Re-installing sencha command solved the issue.
    It is important to manually remove original install-directory prior to re-installing.

    The issue seemed to be lack of permissions under...
  22. I've been using the sencha tool for a few days now, but it suddenly stopped working.
    This is what it outputs when executed in my app dir:

    $ sencha app build
    Sencha Cmd v4.0.0.203
    [ERR] null
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    His approach would not need any sass-compilation. What you need to do is generate an icon-pack which containts the fonts/css needed and extract this to some subfolder of your app and ensure the...
  24. Thanks for that Mitchell, works fine.

    I have a follow up-question:
    How/where should one set default sizes for these glyphs to have them scale nicely, like in the 'basic-buttons' example in the...
  25. What is the correct way of including and setting up icons fonts for an app using sencha command (build)?

    The document for Introducing Ext Js 4.2 mentiones the use of 'glyph', and this is also used...
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