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  1. Thanks Gary for your quick reply.

    Finally everything is working well.
    I guess which misled me, was the fact that in the infinite grid examples, the Ext.grid.plugin.BufferedRenderer plugin was...
  2. Hello All,

    Does anyone has ever tried to use those 3 features together (infinite scroll + locked column + rows grouping) ?
    As far as I know infinite + locked is working, grouping + locked is...
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    down again ?
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    Looks fine now, sync succeed !
    Thanks guys :)
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    I have currently an error on store sync after "authorized":

    INFO: Start sync of database: xxx app.js:1
    INFO: client-pubsub: 6IyQiJUA25wBIx6LxlVNGxFEd0xbLx subscribed to...
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    bodyStyle is still alive, take a look to initBodyStyles in Ext.lib.Panel.
    Be careful, bodyStyle has to be a String.
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    Hello all,

    I created a small project to try to compare the different aspects of javascript framework existing in the market. For now the comparison stops at ExtJS 4 and SproutCore 2 but I hope to...
  8. My company REVOLUNET will be glad to organize the french Sencha / Ext JS meetup somewhere in Paris !
    We still need to find a good place and a good date ... coming soon !
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    You can take a look at this post.
  10. The same thing can't work without HTML5 D&D. The system D&D allows the browser to read the file content. As far as I know, file browsing upload process can't do that, you will have to wait for the...
  11. Thank you so much Mark
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    Hello all,

    I would like to present to you a project I am working on. Interface is full Ext. I use ExtJS for the admin interface and Ext Core for the client page.

    The project is named Quickprez,...
  13. It now works with quoted strings.
    Thanks to you Joeri and to kirtan.

    code updated.
  14. Hello all,

    This is a grid's plugin to import data from CSV to grid's store.
    It uses HTML5 native drag & drop and FileReader.
    This plugin works with FireFox 3.6+ and Chrome 6 (dev channel) only....
  15. It works great, thank you for sharing.

    Because, as far as I know, "valueField" is not mandatory I had to change this :

    var rec =, this.getValue()).itemAt(0);...
  16. I guess you can simply override the element style with help of "getRowClass" from Ext.grid.GridView.
  17. OK I got you ... sorry for my brain delay.

    To get the expected result I had to change the underlying div element of the cell like this:

    .x-grid3-cell-inner, .x-grid3-hd-inner {...
  18. If you expect multiple rows :
    Add something to break the line (<br />)
    Please try in your grid config :


    var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
  19. var value = store_missao.getAt(rowIndex).get("missao");

  20. my pleasure
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    To understand better how it works you should take a look to jsonp.js from this Ext Core example :

    I hope this can help you.
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    As far as I know Viewport accept any type of layout.
    Only BoderLayout handles regions.

    no ?
  23. To add my stone to the topic ... my experience is that chrome is most of the time faster than FF to run Ext scripts ... with or without firebug.
  24. my pleasure
  25. I guess you have forgoten something ...

    plugins: expander
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