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    It's for a dev environment, I want to print a "pretty" JSON to the screen...I used this:

    widgetObject = <?php echo json_encode( $widget[0] ) ?>;
    widgetDetail = JSON.stringify(...
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    Please help the community by posting your formatted JSON function. Don't let one D-bag ruin it for everyone.
  3. I updated the onRender function to this and got a different error:

    cardsView.on( "render", function( panel ){
    var dt1 = new Ext.dd.DropTarget( panel.items.items[0].body, {
    notifyDrop :...
  4. Ladies & Gents,

    Thanks in advance for your help. I'd like to drop a grid row (single shown column) on to one of 9 different mixedCollection items within a panel. I'm struggling with...
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    You need to update this line:

    var scroller ='.x-grid3-scroller', this).elements[0];


    var scroller ='.x-grid3-scroller', this).elements[1];

    Thanks for the lead,...
  6. Howdy gang,

    I have a card layout filled with several panels (each is a parent of its own because it contains a search region and at least one grid panel) like this one:

    var applicationsGrid =...
  7. I've seen lots of examples of creating reusable single panels...however, I haven't yet seen an example ( at least that I realized was what I was looking for ) of a superclass constructor that would...
  8. I augmented Simple Tasks just to display some tasks from the web, rather than Gears or AIR. It's not done, but it gets you down the path.

    Was looking for this and couldn't find it - hopefully...
  9. Using a "standardSubmit:true" value makes the autoComplete feature work properly in FF 3.x.

    Curious, but I'll take it.

  10. Last bump - I've tried a few more random things and nothing is working...
  11. Turns out, this is a loaded question.

    The idea was to have a form submit cross domain (it would have to be cross-domain if you were going from http: to https:).
    But without actually changing...
  12. If I have a standard unsecure connection at http:// posting form variables to https:// action, this has been indicated as secure to me. (Note: this is how and others works)

    Is an...
  13. Bump. Has no one else experienced this? I must be doing something wrong?!?

  14. I haven't found much on AutoComplete out there. For whatever reason, my autocomplete is working in that I see a list of things I previously put into a field named "loginEmail" (see figure 1). ...
  15. try {
    var XMLStr = '<deleteSpecificItem xmlns="">\n'
    + '<specificItemId xmlns="">' + itemId + '</specificItemId>\n'
    + '</deleteSpecificItem>';
    } catch(e) {...
  16. Anybody solve?
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    Could you post your working code?
  18. bump.
  19. What is the reverse of:

    Ext.DomHelper.append( 'images' + el, { tag: 'img', src: data.image, style:'height:55; width:55; margin:10px; visibility:hidden;' }, true).show( true ).frame();

  20. I'm extending the advanced data view example ( and want to add some text below the image when it appends to the dom.

  21. For both suggestions - I was able to solve it with autoHeight:true on ALL the panels (both accordion and inner) and will look at Animal's recommendation to remove it everywhere, as well.

    I SWEAR I...
  22. If I submit a bug, how long do I wait for someone to acknowledge it?

    Do I need to pay for a support package if I really want it fixed?

    Ignorant in Marietta,

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    If you're not using a Viewport (fixed size window) and you use this very cool tool, if you fade in from the bottom or right (for a bottom-right-aligned messageWindow) it adds scrollbars (tags: scroll...
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    Nope, went a different way with it...actually - just left out paging altogether.

    Somebody smarter than me will figure it out eventually and I'll use their suggestion, though, I'm hoping.

  25. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0 rev 0
    Ext 3.0 rev 3
    Ext 2.1 rev 0

    Adapter used:

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