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  1. Hi, friends

    Could anyone help? I have got a problem of styling my view list as I wanted - that is I have a list of items which is devided into two types, one active and the other inactive. So, i...
  2. Hi friends,
    Could anyone help me what can I here:

    I have one store specifies proxy(type=ajax) and its url (both (server) controller and its method(function))
    And through this url I am...
  3. What if i have got two dates : end date and start date into one cell ????
  4. Hi, everyone
    I am just a newbie in this framework;
    Have gotta problem displaying two date values (end_date and start_date; both are not formatted yet) in a one cell (simultaneously):
  5. I tried Tab clicking Space 4 times; 4 times Space only; 4 times Tab only; Any of them didnt work?
    Can anybody tell me how can i post code neatly (as described in the Markdown for formatting)...
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