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  1. Unfortunately doesn't. Doesn't cause javascript error, but does nothing. I tried the following code:

    Ext.DomHelper.useDom =true;

  2. As far as i see this public property (useDom) is in the 3.2.1 ExtJS but not in ExtCore 3.0. Maybe do you know when new version of Ext core (with this property) is planned to release?


  3. Hi Condor,

    meny thanks for quick replay! You are right, i forget to mention the IE version i use. It's IE 8. The bug you linked said that applies to IE 5-5.5. Do you think it's bug is in the...
  4. Hi!

    I try to add options to an empty select with DomHelper.append and insertFirst, but it faild in IE. The same code works in FF.

    <select id="country">
    <option value="-1"...
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