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    hi im trying to change textfield's css class.
    i'nt want to use confs. like cls, baseCls and likes.
    and i'nt want to change css file.

    how can i apply my own css class to textfield? any method...
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    u can get values in models method like load.

    var yourModel=Ext.ModelManager.getModel('wuu.model.yourModel');
  3. thanks rstuart for answer and detailed information.i was read your thread.
    last night i did try to do something. but it seens not possible much more. and i think in extjs4 mvc has strict rules.
  4. hi everyone
    i've a rest store and i need to set rest url dynamically in run time. how can i do that?


    type:'rest', ...
  5. thanks brothers but i cant use refs.
    i solved with com.query like this maybe someone needs:

  6. hi i'm triying for select event of combo in extjs4 with mvc

    i've a view and controller.
    how can i listen combos select event from controller?
  7. nothing? :-?
  8. hi everyone.

    i'm currently working on a presentation layer of very large applications in a company.
    and now i'm testing the EXTJS4 MVC DESING PATTERN.
    i was read the mvc artutecture guide but i...
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