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  1. hello, I have several projects made with sencha that I want to merge together. I can'see any "import" tool and I can't (I don't know why) open two windows at the same time, so it doesn't allow to...
  2. yes! is that the case. so I await for further update.

    many thank's

  3. really thank's for the demo! it was perfect! But I need a little more step in order to accomplish my this link

    I provide to you your example with my mod. I...
  4. thank's for your answer, but I need to fire that action directly from my symbol A, not with a second timeline that call the inner timeline of the symbol

    I have only one timeline and, like I did in...
  5. hello,
    I have a symbol (a) with a function "on click" on it; this function tells to get another symbol (a) in the stage.

    I wan't to switch the timeline of that symbol (b) with the next one by...
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