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    Make sure that your server is setting MIME type correctly for you cache manifest file.
    It has to be served as:

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    Hi guys!

    I have a simple experiment for doing internationalization. In this example I'm using css content properties to not reload the app when a lang changes. It works pretty nice but I'm not...
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    This is an implementation of Coverflow for SenchaTouch 2 based on DataView.
    Check it out at here

    Or download code from github repo at
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    Try Phonegap, AFAIK you don't have cross domain issues executing inside a WebView. But, I didn't try it myself.
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    PhoneGap 1.5 has changed its namespace to Cordova, so I think it is something that ST2 needs to change to detect it. AFAIK they have a detection for PhoneGap namespace
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    Can you guys post where is the online version for GA available?

    I've been using for RC version. I have tried this...
  7. Ext.ux.Cover doesn't set the height/width or the component in the screen, what you need to do is to specify the layout on cover's container. If take a look on the example, in case you run it on a...
  8. @a.premkumar

    It already gets size automatically. The example has some height and width just for demo purposes, mainly cause I don't do the profile detection so I'm setting up those values to get...
  9. I'm working on the issue you mentioned earlier in your post. Regarding keyboard nav this is not supported since this extension is only for SenchaTouch and there you wouldn't like to use keyboard.
  10. @hotaguitar

    I've been debuging a bit the cover and I found a little issue when you use a store with proxy and you dont set up autoLoad true. It is fixed right now on the github repository.
  11. Guys,

    Thank you all for the feedback on this component. I will be working on some issues mentioned here (like loading language non-country specific bundles, offline, and so on)

    What I wanted...
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    Same thing occurs with Select fields when setting text values.

    title: 'title',
    xtype: 'selectfield',
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    That's exactly what I wanted to hear - or read.

    Thank you Mitchell!
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    I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature requirement or it's maybe just me trying to do some weird things :P
    Anyway, the problem is that I wanted to set text config option from button to...
  15. Are you trying to display the html code inside a text area? Or do you want to display an editable version in textarea? if you want a content editable then you will need a frame with contenteditable...
  16. JP,

    You cannot use item for Ext.ux.Cover. This is an implementation based on Ext.DataView so you will need a template and a Store to display information as it were a List but with a coverflow like...
  17. @seb123

    Try creating different cover instances for your panels. You should not have same instances on different containers.
    Sorry for the late response. Please feel free to contact me by mail...
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    Have you tried to add noCache: false parameter in Ext.Ajax call?
  19. Fizo,

    Try this code. You had an extra comma in data definition, I have also removed code from demo so it will be cleaner.

    Ext.regModel('Flow', {
    fields : [ 'menu', 'description' ]
  20. Painted should work.. I guess
  21. Guys,

    I have created a new branch on github for SenchaTouch 2 version of Ext.ux.Cover.
    Check it out at

    Any comments are more than...
  22. That's not yet implemented. But I will add it to my list :)
  23. Glad you like it Markus!

    Thanks for the feedback!

  24. JP,

    Glad you like it! I guess it is completely possible to take this into, maybe, a Layout to do what you say.
  25. Many many thanks for your help on this. I think that what you mentioned about the z-index issues is the same issue I'm experiencing on Chrome 12 for Mac OSX. Do not know the root cause yet, but if...
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