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  1. barrybear -

    Do you have all of the views open at the same time? As you close them and they go into shadow state the performance will be improved.
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    What version are you running?

    Is it a fresh install or did you auto upgrade?
  3. janardhan -

    The next patch release will include support for Touch 2.4.
  4. andersonjf -

    TabCloseMenu and TabReorder are part of the Ext.ux namespace and not part of the library proper.

    You would need to wrap these up in an .aux file to render them on the canvas.
  5. Boggled. In the interim, looks like your time will be incorrect :-/
  6. Guys we will look into this...

    Could you guys rename your user.license file and try to re-launch the application and see if the behavior changes?
  7. Look in the console when working on the test app; are there any syncRequires warnings?
  8. Is the window getting included on the page? I'd guess you are missing a requires somewhere
  9. So it is stable if you turn off the web server?
  10. Did you search for title and then hit the x on the right hand side?
  11. Hrm, not sure how it would have worked.

    Where is the plugin defined?
  12. Are you saying that you opened the project and the text was translated to a different language? reverted back to english? Is the text in the tree nodes not what it was previously?
  13. Okay, first off let's downgrade you to the current GA release of Cmd.

    We had an accidental release of a beta version of Cmd. Please take a look here:...
  14. Are these extra files listed in the resources section off your app.json?

    There was a bug in older versions of Cmd that was copying all resources, not just the ones that are specified. I think this...
  15. Thanks for the bug report, we'll look into trying to reproduce this.

    Does it happen every time or just a certain percentage of the time?
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    This issue is fixed in the 1903 update.
  17. What does the contents of your app.json look like? Are there additional JS and CSS includes there? If so you can remove them.
  18. Yup
  19. Can you check your app.json file and make sure that the name matches what you named your top level namespace?

    If it does not, correct it and re-open the project.
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    Will keep a lookout, ran very quickly on my OS X 10.9.4 machine.
  21. On Window's it is located

    on other operating systems it is
  22. vcaha - Did this occur after an upgrade?
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    Were you just upgrading Cmd? Opening the project and upgrading Cmd from the state the zip was in was ~30 seconds on my machine.

    Or should I be upgrading from a different SHA1 hash in git?
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  25. First step is going to be to downgrade to 5.0.2 GA.
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