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  1. I started off using the ext-all.css from resources/css, but this is virtually the same as the ext-all.css from the ext-js download. It does not contain any of the tree classes (e.g. my-tree-over,...
  2. I agree you cant use the ext-all from js. The problem is that the ext-all from js is the one that is included in the gxt 1.2.3 download. Once you get a gxt ext-all (as advised above), it refers to...
  3. It's actually a bit worse than just missing images. The ext-all.css file that comes bundled with the 1.2.3 GWT download is not fully compatible with the Java code - specially for trees. You can get a...
  4. Have downloaded GXT 1.2.3 (twice - just to be sure) and unzipped the file. The resources/images folder looks like this:
    In other...
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