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  1. omg, nevermind. I found the problem. I'm passing config as an array instead of an object. All is well.

    extend: '',
    config: [{
  2. Ug, I just noticed I accidently posted this in the ext js forum and this is actually a sencha touch 2.2 issue. Can one of the admins please move this thread to the right place? thanks.
  3. "Unless you define your model through metadata, a store needs to have a model defined on either itself or on its proxy"

    I keep getting that warning when I try to use a store. I did a search on the...
  4. I'm getting the same "Unless you define your model through metadata, a store needs to have a model defined on either itself or on its proxy" warning when I run my app. I read the doc on...
  5. Is there a way to point one stores data to another store? So lets say StoreA has data but filtered results. StoreB points to StoreA and shows the filtered results but also has the ability to filter...
  6. nevermind. That cool set override thing did the trick. Thanks!
  7. Also, the "datachanged" event is broken until the bug for it is fixed...
  8. Thanks, I found my problem. My ID structure is all numbers so I use ints in my itemIds. When I put the ids in single quotes, it works fine. Thats why everyone elses examples (including yours) worked...
  9. I also checked out this link

    which would logically work.
  10. I also tried...

    var myTab = this.down('#' + rec.internalId);
  11. That didn't work...

    var myTab = this.child('#' + rec.internalId);

    returns null. I tried using id and using itemId.
  12. var myTab = this.items.get(rec.internalId);
    if( myTab ){
    } else {
    myModel: rec,
    closable: true,...
  13. I'm trying to make a details field that also turns into a text field when double clicked. I've made a few attempts with CSS and disable triggers but I can't seem to get it to look right. Is there a...
  14. Thanks for the replies. The reason why I was asking is because I noticed when I mapped one field to another, it works when the model is created but if I change the field it's mapped from with...
  15. I have a model and I want to be able to change one fields value when I change another field. Is there some kind of "onchange" or "onset" event for models that I can use to accomplish this? I checked...
  16. I know you can specify "hasMany" for a model but lets say I have a treepanel with a custom model and my model has more then one "hasMany" models under it. When I expand that node and the page does a...
  17. I just wanted to say thanks. I made a sample app and after some firebugging, I know what you meant. Sorry, I must have had a brain fart.
  18. Replies
    If it's going to be in March or April of next year, wouldn't that technically make it SenchaCon 2013 and not SenchaCon 2012? Or are you guys holding out until the end of the world to see what...
  19. Because (I think) the bug is JS firing the field editor before the parent has fully expanded. If I fire the field editor in an expand callback, it will fire after the expand (I hope).

    Because I...
  20. I took a crack at it and even though my code runs, I don't know if it worked or not. What do I access in the node to know if my custom model made it?

    Do I just do a node.getModel.getFields() and...
  21. 1. How do I get to the model thats decorated? For example...

    2. Can I specify the model? For example

    text: 'my leaf',
    leaf: true,
    modelType: 'mymodel'
  22. My problem is telling the cell editor when to fire. It screws up if the parent node wasn't expanded before I try to add a new node. If I can tell the cell editor to start after the parent node has...
  23. I'm working on a project that has a tree.panel that can add a new leaf and trigger an edit on the leafs label. I'm trying to replicate what was done in the task manager demo but I can't seem to get...
  24. If mixins add extra functionality to the class directly, wouldn't it be better to use mixins instead of plugins? I'm sure due to the nature of plugins being some kind of external entity you would run...
  25. thanks. That answered my question.

    p.s. How do I mark my forum post as answered?
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