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    One workaround that we have used to add comments in JSON in our applications was to add a property "_comment" wherever needed.

    To overcome IDE issue, how about naming the file "app.json5", this...
  2. In fact there are three issues described in this thread. And I don't see the third one solved yet.

    In normal toolbar, if ui property is set to footer, button have dark background while in paging...
  3. ExtJS 4.2.1 (and 4.2.0 as well)

    Dynamic localization example gives an error saying "Failed to load locale file." It seems as if directory is...
  4. Thanks a lot sir!

    I had completely missed that 4.2.1 is in GA state now. :-)
  5. I think I have reported it even before beta 1 ( was released and we did not see it fixed in that beta release. If is beta 2 then I am not aware of this second beta release so I...
  6. Was there any other release after beta-1 yet, sir?
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    Are you referring to the Pictos font that is included in "ExtJS Kitchen Sink" example application or the one that in available in "Sencha Touch SDK"? Notice that the one that is in the "ExtJS Kitchen...
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    Thanks for the answer. Since it is licensed for Sencha, I am now confident in using this in my Sencha ExtJS applications. It would be nice to have an explicit official note about it if it is allowed...
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    I know that Sencha Touch provides free access to the Pictos Font Pack. Does this also mean we can use Pictos Font Pack in all other Sencha products like ExtJS? If yes, then where can we get the full...
  10. I believe that this report is not a duplicate of the other linked report. It might have similar nature though. The other report is talking about an issue in the development version while this one is...
  11. Thanks for the reply. I have gone through the MVC guides and other documentation listed above a dozen time and they were all great and very helpful. But as @farion mentioned above that the question...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.0 rev 663
    Browser versions tested against:

    Google Chrome 26
    FF 20
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  13. I have tried searching in the forum, blog, documentation and learning resources but could not find a resource that describes how can we use app.json file in ExtJS 4.2 that was generated by Sencha...
  14. Looking forward for any help. Sencha Cmd generated bootstrap.css does not point to the RTL version of the CSS file. And I could not figure out any good way add it there.
  15. I have installed latest ExtJS 4.2 and Sencha Cmd 3.1, generated an application, changed the theme to Neptune, added 'Ext.rtl.*' in requires config and set the 'rtl' config to 'true' now what should I...
  16. My development environment:

    OS: Linux Ubuntu 12.4
    Sencha Cmd:
    Ruby: 1.9.3p0
    Browsers: Google Chrome 26.0.1410.43, Firefox 20.0

    Reproduction Steps:
  17. Release Notes for Ext JS 4.2.0 says that it is added as New Feature but I can't see it in the examples yet. :)
  18. I liked the idea of floating theme switcher in Ext 4.2 examples. It would be nice to have a direction switching option in that floating bit. to keep it consiezed, a checkbox with label "RTL" will...
  19. I am not sure if it will still help you or not as it is too late to reply. But I am adding it here for other who come across similar issues. :)

    One has to realize that Urdu, Arabic, Persian and...
  20. I am sorry for the late come back due to other priorities, as it is a fair month since I first posted this thread. :)

    In my opinion, if "start" and "end" are understood as direction aware...
  21. After reading about the RTL support in 4.2-beta release, I can't express how excited I was so I thought if I may put my two cents in, I would say something like this:

    When it comes to RTL,...
  22. I have Galaxy Nexus with ICS 4.0.2. I am waiting for an update to arrive on my device. But the build on my device is managed by Samsung not Google. Hence, I have to wait for few weeks. I will...
  23. Kitchen Sink App card transition still not smooth in Chrome for Android on ICS.
  24. For last few months I am playing with another forum software named XenForo for our discussion board. prior to that we were also using vBulletin. But, XenForo is so engaging with modern user...
  25. In the learn section of the website, "The Tree Component" link is broken. Currently it points to:

    Which then redirects to:
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