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  1. What do you mean by:

    You can just specify the full model name if you want to use it in a store.
  2. No, you would need to use the data property on the component, there's no direct binding.
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    An interesting read:
  4. To get a reference to the grid store:

    new MyWindow({
    controller: 'wincontroller',
    items: {
    xtype: 'mygrid',
    reference: 'blehGrid'
  5. Essentially a dupe of this thread:

    In the next beta release, there will be...
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    Agreed. It needs to be a bit smarter and not just overwrite it.
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    The format is incorrect, you can't use the same identifier twice. Lowercase "m" is month with leading zeroes.

    dateFormat: 'Y-m-d H:i:s'

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    IE doesn't know how to parse it.


    new Date("2014-04-11 19:41:03")

    In the console for both browsers. Give the field in your model a date format so Ext can parse it. See:...
  9. They are functional, but typically we'd recommend you don't use them. One of the reasons for keeping them was for a scenario like:

    You have a form where you can add many text fields. You have an...
  10. It was done purposefully. Typically the VC should not be speaking to the Application (which may not even exist, you can use the VC independently of an app).
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    Because it will trigger a layout of the tab bar twice without it.
  12. How do I reproduce this? When I run the fiddle, I collapse "node 1". I then switch to Tab 2. Then switch back to Tab 1. I don't see any error in the console.
  13. You can do either.

    For example:

    // Include inline
    id: 1,
    modifiedBy: {
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  15. You need to call the observable constructor, it initializes suspendedEvents.
  16. I don't think your analysis is relevant here. Here's a short test case of monitoring custom events on a view:
  17. Pass it when you construct the view:

    xtype: 'foo',
    viewModel: {
    data: {
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    I don't know, you'll need to ask them.
  19. That is possible. I don't have a device to test with on-hand at the moment. I'll get one of the other devs to check it out.
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    There's no "virus". All the source is there for you to look over if you'd like to confirm it yourself. What's really useless is it gmail gives you no information about what it found.

    It's about as...
  21. When I tested your I did extract it as-is, didn't use watch, just loaded it up in my local Apache instance. Odd...
  22. I also can't reproduce it with the project you sent over. I tested it in Chrome 34, FF 27.01 & IE11.

    Are you sure it's not just a bug in Canary?
  23. Re: your edit, that's what I had. Started out with a maximized window, subsequently opened the devtools & then resized.

    I also generated an app using Cmd, wasn't using a Fiddle. Can you post a...
  24. This is a known issue, we have a ticket open EXTJSIV-12843.
  25. Not really clear on what the issue is here. See the attached screenshot, I've opened the toolbar & resized the window fairly small. Can you elaborate?
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