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  1. I am currently calling a store.load() on a Tree panels store. There are nodes that are set to expanded:True in the json. However, they do not re-expand once the response is received.

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    Yeah, I was excited to see the strides they have made with their grids etc... Maybe this will inspire more people to contribute to a proper open source project.

    While its frustrating, I cant...
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    I am in the exact same boat, all the fixes I need are in 4.2.3. The most annoying part is this isnt even an app that would ever go to the open internet/client. Just frustrating, I dont see why you...
  4. So actually I just tried disabling tdAttrs:{'style':{'padding': '5px'}} and the issue appears to no longer occur.
  5. Hi glopes, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately that did not work. I am working around it currently by adding the entire table with children instead of appending them on demand. Something isn't...
  6. Ok so if I initialize the table control with the components it works as expected. If I append them later then I get first el taking almost 100% and the second el is just a sliver. If I do a...
  7. Ah, looks like it works when I run your code. For some reason when I run it with mine it is making the first column span 100%. I am debugging now, thanks for the snippet.
  8. I've been looking in the forums/google. Im sorry if this has been answered already.

    I am trying to create a table that I can specify how many columns. This part is easy. What I am struggling with...
  9. Just curious, I had an app done in 4.x but now that it wont be getting anymore GPL releases I want to upgrade it to 5. But I would like to know that I will not hit the same issue I am now with 4, at...
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    Do you plan on doing many GPL releases for extjs5? Do you guys have a forumla for deciding when you do a GPL vs GA?
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    It's just disappointing, you spend so much time on a project and then can't even keep going with it. Thought sencha was an avid supporter of open source. The last 4.x release kind of says otherwise....
  12. 5.0 isnt 100% compatible with 4.x apps. We ran into issues there. Are you saying there will not be any more GPL 4.x releases?
  13. 4.2.1 is by far the buggiest extjs version that i've used yet. Is there going to be a 4.2.3 release for GPL V2? Its really disappointing if not.
  14. Hi,

    We recently ported one of our apps from 4.1 to 4.2. We noticed when trying to re-size some of our panels they were overlapping each other. In 4.1 when we do this it just stretches the bottom...
  15. was a picnic error, my bad :)
  16. Looks like it has something to do with the Portal I am using from the demo. I am still investigating.
  17. Extjs 4.2.1 I also tested with 4.1.1, the main content is always a panel. I suspected a callback but I disabled them last night and still had the issue. I am going to dig a bit further today.
  18. Hi,

    When I click the X of a closable tab panel it doesnt close, but instead yields this error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'call' of undefined . The second time it closes. Any ideas?
  19. Looks like it has to do with almost a z-index. Any hints?
  20. Sorry it seems that was a false positive, if I start the dropzones parent with an item that has the dropable then it works.
  21. So did some trial and error. I found if I comment this out then it works how I would expect. Anyone know the issue with this?

    Ext.define('', {
  22. Hi I have a Droppable I created that defines a DropTarget

    Ext.define('Ext.gtweb.Droppable', {
    constructor: function(config) {
    Ext.apply(this, config);
  23. Hi,

    I have a case where im creating a Window popup with a tree grid on it. I then have a function that moves this from the window and puts it in another panel. The tree works until I close the...
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    4.2.2 wasnt a gpl release
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    Is there a way I can tell a lazy tree node to update itself? Right now I am doing

    node.set('loaded', false);
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