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  1. Hi,

    You can use the textfield's (really labelable mixin's) beforeBodyEl and afterBodyEl configs to do what you're looking to do. You'll need to set the css of the triggerWrap element to display:...
  2. Hi,

    I'll run this by engineering to see if we can shore up how this is working, but the best way to ensure reference integrity for now is to add the window to a container - the viewport is fine in...
  3. Hi,

    I haven't been able to reproduce the issue. Can you fork the fiddle below and reproduce the issue?

  4. Hi,

    While there's not a convertOnSet type option for the field directly you can pass convert true / false when setting a value on a field directly using set(). See the options param in the API...
  5. Normalizing times on different computers can certainly be a challenge. What you'll probably need to do is evaluate the timezone offset on that computer. To do that you'll use javascript's...
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    You'll see this talked about in the TabPanel's API doc description up top in the Examples section (second one in). And here is an example you can fork if you want:

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    This was a bug introduced in 5.0.1 and has been fixed for 5.0.2.
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    I'm not sure I completely follow what you're looking to do, but if you're wanting to apply the same configs to all items belonging to a panel / container the defaults config may come in handy for...
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    I'm afraid there's not a public config / API for that. It's done automatically in the buildForm method of the form's submit action when there are filefields in the form at the time the form is...
  10. Hi,

    Can you post your code or a test case showing the issue / error you're seeing? It sounds like a hitch in something in your application code, but hard to say without seeing what you're doing...
  11. On the drop action you might iterate over the resizers and do:
  12. Hi,

    The localstorage util class uses the id to prefix the keys allowing for a sort of namespacing of the key/values. So, if the id were 'foo' then using setItem('emailAddress', 'test') would...
  13. Hi,

    This issue is now being addressed on support ticket: ticket-19032.
  14. Hi,
    The routes has to do with processing information entered in the URL hash. I'm not sure how that would related to many-to-many associated models exactly, but if you can detail your use case...
  15. Hi,
    I'm not familiar with a way to do that. I'll defer to the community.
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    The issue you're running into is that in Ext3 the data response in the root needed to be an array [] and in this case it's an object (unless the response contains an id field/value in which...
  17. Hi,

    I take it the application is using a form panel, correct? Also, when you pull up the application in dev mode are you seeing any synchronous class load warnings in the browser's dev tools...
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    Setting up drag and drop to drag components from one container to another will not be trivial - you'll need to wire up a bit of code for the dragZone, but particularly for the dropZone.

    Can you...
  19. Hi,

    See if the following example helps. I've added comments to help show the steps and what they do.

  20. Hi,

    Is setConfig what you're looking for?!/api/Ext.Component-method-setConfig

    Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
    title: 'Hello',
  21. Ultimately how are you looking to use the store from the viewModel? Will be used by a child component of the rbdemo.view.main.Main container?

    Also, feel free to fork the below fiddle to continue...
  22. Hi,

    Can you share the code you're using to reload the grid (store)?
  23. Hi,

    File uploads aren't done using normal Ajax methods. You can see more details about the process here:!/api/Ext.form.Basic-method-hasUpload

    And a...
  24. I didn't see that to be the case when testing with your code with 5.0.1 and Chrome.
    What version of the framework are you working with when you see the issue? What browser?

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    Are you trying to hide a parent Ext.window.Window instance while the child window is open? Is that correct?
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