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    Here is a js lib for playing sounds / mp3s / etc . We used the first version, and it worked well.

    If you can't get the version 2 to work,...
  2. Hi,

    I have a deeply nested form panel that is apart of a CardLayout that when shown, dynamically creates a series of RadioGroups. When it is first shown in IE 6, only about half of the radio...
  3. Hello,

    I've been having some issues with combo boxes where the list will be offset by varying amounts within the list's layer, meaning that the x-combo-list-inner div displays correctly, but the...
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    VATigers - i'll see what i can do. I'm a little overloaded at work right now, so may be a little while. Multiple elements... you could easily adjust the saveState code to split out additional...
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    Hi, I just wanted to post my code as a starting point for anyone who wants to use the wonderful HttpState provider. I know i banged my head around as a newbie trying to wrap my head around the...
  6. Hi,

    I need to be able to pass a param to a combobox (that populates it data from a json store) editor. the param is dependent upon the row selected in the editorgridpanel.

    For example. I have...
  7. Thanks for your post. I'm not ruffled, merely expressing my disappoval of the comments. I don't feel the necessity in spending an hour explaining in granularity how comments ("so the error is not...
  8. bottom line is i would never talk to someone like that, 10,000 posts or not, there just isn't anything to gain except frustrating the end user.

    if i didn't provide adequate info, simply say so...
  9. do you really need to speak to someone like this?

    ... turns out that it is a known bug and your only offer of help was this condescending remark, and then .

    Hopefully you are just having a...
  10. another thing, i added the store.load handler and get an error stating that tabs is undefined (tabs is just a reference to this.tabpanel)

    compwest.testpanel = function(rapkey) {
  11. well, i just figured out the current error... for the the formpanel this.northpnl, i added a dummy item to it's config... i don't understand why it wouldn't work without specifying some items, since...
  12. here is the exact fiebug reported error

    this.items is undefined
    onRender()()ext-all.js (line 136)
    onRender()(Object dom=div#ext-gen647.x-panel-body id=ext-gen647, null)ext-all.js (line 136)...
  13. this simplified code fails with "this.items is undefined"

    compwest.testpanel = function(rapkey) { = new{
    url: '../Services/get_data.ashx'
  14. Hi, yes, i have extensively read through tutorials, examples, forums and documentation. really just more confused. just trying to understand, what format do i get the above code in to be able to...
  15. Hi, I currently have a custom class (code below). It works fine. However, i'd like to not only optimze it but also add events to it. I'm not exactly sure how to do it. I have tried extending the...
  16. Hi,

    I've read through many threads trying to get a definitive answer and i'd just like to ensure that i have it right.

    I have a jsonStore that loads its data from an httphandler that is...
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    We use Ext.state.Manager.setProvider(new Ext.state.CookieProvider()); it was working great until we added some more columns to the GridPanel. stateful:true exists and have no idea what else...
  18. yeah, that's what we're doing currently. but the amount of data is getting large and most of anything new is a calculation of existing data... plus trying to cutback on bandwidth since updates are...
  19. Still a newbie... I'm wondering if there is a way to sort a calculated column in a GridPanel. For example, i have a data store with Qty and Price. in the grid i have a column that is total and the...
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    I have a gridpanel that is updated every 15 seconds with the same number of records. i use a JsonStore with a taskrunner to reload() at the interval.

    is there a way to maintain the grid's...
  21. I have a TreePanel with a async loader that upon the first call or load the server will return the whole tree structure. Then i have a listener for the load event of the tree that will then...
  22. ok, i noticed that when i added the height config. I tried putting the layout where it should have been (as you suggested as well) and it worked as expected.

    thanks again
  23. well, it works, when i added a height:xxx config or autoHeight:true. but i'm a little confused, why wouldn't the grid totally collapse only the data portion even if the data changes? just how it...
  24. i added

    stor.on('loadexception', function() { alert('error'); });

    and it doesn't alert.

    also, via firebug, the request is sent and retrieved as expected as well as 4 records...
  25. Hi, I'm new so bare with me...

    I have a gridpanel with a Json store inside a window... Could someone explain with the following code doesn't work (grid doesn't populate).

    var stor = new...
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