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  1. cool thanks
  2. Maybe I don't understand how the list is created then in Architect. In the examples in Sencha Docs it uses the Ext.list and in Architect it is Ext.DataView.list. Are these the same thing, an x-list...
  3. so, basically there is nothing we can do if we are using a form to get it to perform better?
  4. We have a form panel that is somewhat complex. It is geared to be viewed on a tablet. It contains a few other panels that contain 10-15 fields each. If the main form panel is big enough to require...
  5. Is it possible to use the new infinite scrolling list in touch 2.1 in Architect. Downloaded new version of architect that includes the 2.1 stuff but don't see a new list component? Plus the list...
  6. Linux has Architect version 2.1.0 build 633, which a co-worker has been using. I am on windows and have the latest windows version 2.1.0 build 584. I cannot open a project he has created because it...
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