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  1. You can set sdk dir in sencha command line:

    sencha -sdk path_to_ext ... other params ...

    Try set the general ext folder in path. If it not works, set the ext/src folder. I do not remember...
  2. Hi,

    I'm try to organize my scripts separating the code from theme into a my framework (MyTools.*, with components derived from Ext) and my theme derived from neptune.

    I created a empty...
  3. I'm having same problem...I discovered that apparently only the sass 3.2 or higher support @content within a mixin. Trying to update the sass of SenchaCmd (natively has the sass 3.1.7) to...
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    I discovered that the result is not the same, sass 3.2 is behaving differently than 3.1 way with null values ​​... Perhaps there is no compatibility with the sass 3.2+?
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    I'm use sencha cmd to make themes, and after upgrade sass from 3.1.7 to 3.2.19, I'm having warnings about missing image files: invalid_line and text-bg... when sencha cmd build theme packages...
  6. Hi!
    I'm solved my problem adding my lib path in 'framework.classpath' list.Its makes a build without including my external .js files and including internal styles (scss) for this.

    If someone has...
  7. Hi,

    I'm implementing some components derived from Ext. And while I'm doing a new theme derived from neptune.

    The new components is organized in a folder structure by namespace and is separated...
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    Nice feature! thanks
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